How To Win At The Lid Game!

How To Win At The Lid Game!

It’s just over two weeks until our new endeavour “The Lid Game” debuts. Inspired by the South Korean Netflix series that serves as a cutting critique of modern capitalism Squid game, The Lid Game will offer participants the opportunity to compete against bodyboarders from around the globe in a series of Ten quiz and problem challenges, and share in the prize pool at the end of event.

Signing up is easy. Simply donate $10 on the bottom of one of our articles and you’ll receive an invite via Instagram to gain access to The Lid Game page where the ten challenges will be posted each week. Make it through all 10 weeks without getting anything wrong and you’ll reap the financial benefits!

With this in mind, we’re presenting you with a little cheat sheet of how to give yourself the best chance of being left standing at the end.

Cheat 1. Start reading up on boogin’ history. If you know anyone that still has a stack of mags lying around start buttering them up. Answers to the “The Lid Game” aren’t going to be found on Google. It’s going to require some deep boogie knowledge.

Cheat 2. Get in touch with your friend who is most into bodyboarding. We all have one, the guy who just froths the boog to this day, remembers everything from every clip, mag or article he / she has read. The Vintage bodyboard crew would be a great place to start.

Cheat 3. Get a group of your mates involved. Sign up together, start a group chat and let the banter begin. Use the groups collective knowledge to all advance, or set up a side game where the last person in your group chat left in the game wins a little extra $$$$ from the group.

The point of The Lid Game is simply try to bring bodyboarders together in a fun way to talk about, debate and discuss aspects of bodyboarding!

And if you’re good enough, a nice little financial bonus at the end awaits….

For the full rundown of the game read here:

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