Lid Game.

Lid Game.

When we kicked off Infoamed just shy of 18 months ago, the number one priority was to try to foster engagement and interaction with the boogin’ community.

Perhaps somewhat stupidly, we turned down the opportunity to take the reins at Australian bodyboardings biggest website / magazine to try to do things a little differently than what had been presented before in bodyboarding media.

As part of that original mission statement we now present to you Infoamed’s latest engagement innovation “The Lid Game”.

Inspired by the South Korean cutting critique on modern Capitalism “Squid Game”, Lid Game will run over ten weeks and follow a similar Problem / Elimination format, except all the killy killy stuff will only be of the virtual variety.

If you think you’re smarter than the average Boog, these are the steps to throw your hat in The Lid Game ring.

1. Drop a ten dollar “donation” using the donate link at the bottom of one of the articles on the Infoamed website. This donation will help build the “Piggy Boog” (minus a $1 adminstration fee each) for the game. The more players we attract, the greater the final reward (I.E. 1000 registered players would provide a $9000 Piggy Boog prize pool).

2. You’ll then receive an invite through Instagram to access the private “TheLidGame” page.

3. Each Wednesday at 5 PM Australian daylight savings time the question/ problem will appear as an Instagram story with a question sticker in which to provide your answer. You then have 24 hours to get your answer in.

Fail to answer on time or get it wrong and you’re eliminated from the game, and removed from “The Lid Game” Insta page. Answer a quiz question right or solve a problem and you move on to the next round.

4. The answer to the weeks challenge and an update on the progress of the contest will appear as an article on the Infoamed webby the following Tuesday.

5. At the completion of the Ten rounds the amount in the Piggy Boog will be split equally between the remaining number of survivors.

The structure of the game means that it is in your own interest to get as many people involved as possible in The Lid Game to help grow the Piggy Boog.

Conversely, any collaboration between competitors in sharing information or answers will lessen the size of the Piggy Boog available to the individual at the end of the game.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there baby! If you want to win at The Lid Game your going to have to outwit, outsmart and outplay every other motherfarka out there in order to get the largest slice of bacon.

The Lid Game commences on November 17th so get your donation in, receive your invite and hype up your fellow boogers to help grow the Piggy Boog!

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