Bloodsport: James McAnulty.

Bloodsport: James McAnulty.

I’m Worm, currently residing in the south coast of WA. Ive been on the boog for nearly 30 years now.

The conditions were perfect, 2ft reefy, clean offshore, it’s a bit of a hike in, no messing about when I got there, strait into it.

I got two crakers straight up, froth level is high. My mate had just got out the back, I got super cocky and took off a tad too deep.
As I pulled in, it sucked out a bit harder than usual, it chandeliers down the line, I pushed thru it, my lines too high and it felt like the lip grabbed me and pushed me onto the reef head first. (I actually hit the reef quite evenly in three places) My head crunched into a pile of barnacles, I knew I was in trouble. I surfaced, and as I started to paddle, I could see blood pooring out of my hand, straight to the beach, to wave my mate in.

My head wasn’t too bad, my knee had a tiny hole in it, but my finger is mangled. I wrapped my hand in my T-shirt, started the trek out. By the time we got back to the car, my knee is killing me.

Recovery time was over 6 weeks, torn tendon and nerve, 13 stitches. My knee had a barnacle shard in it, that got operated on too. My head was the least damaged, only 2 stiches!

I’m in my early 40s, this incident rattled me, I was very lucky, I coulda been off a lot worse.
Being off work for soo long sucked, I won’t surf small reefys at all now, it’s just not worth it.

A few of the other fellas got messed up this year too, big shout out to Jerm who did his neck in, his on a solid recovery. Thanks to Merlin for leaving perfection and getting my sorry butt to hospital, and a huge thanks to my fiancé Steph, she’s did the hard yards looking after my crippled butt.

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