Vale Tom Morey.

Vale Tom Morey.

By Dan Dobbin.

The man who took a lump of foam and breathed life into the boogieverse has breathed his last and continued on his journey through the cosmic ether.

Tom Morey was a follower of the Bahá’ís faith, who’s members believe in the need for humanity to find a unifying vision of society and a purpose of life.

When Tom used an old newspaper and hot iron to smooth out the remaining part of a foam blank he had lying around and created the Morey boogie, he also created a unifying vision around which a society would form, and bring a purpose of life to millions all around the globe.

We each have countless stories of how the little foam sled that could has shaped and often saved our lives. From broken homes, dysfunction families, illness, injury, mental health battles to the basic, simple joy of just sliding waves, Tom’s boogie brought hope, stoke and and a sense of meaning to its devotees.

Jason Palmer is a boogie devote from Cronulla. Once a Shark Island regular, he now suffers from Huntington’s disease, a genetic disorder that affects the nerves in the brain, impacting on movement and cognitive abilities. However, as anyone who knows him or follows him on socials knows he hasn’t let this stop him. Almost daily Jason drops a little clip of his surfing exploits for the day with a usual refrain of ” Got some big pits, yewww bodyboarding”.

Tom’s creation continues to gives him joy and stoke.

Yazdany Castro is 22 years old and the 5 time Costa Rican national champion. This year he surfer all the way from the first round to third place behind two multiple world champs in Pierre Louis Costes and Uri Valadao at the Sintra Pro in Portugal.

Yazdany’s path through life hasn’t been an easy one, but Tom’s boogie has provided a talented young man a direction and a passion to follow that has put him on the path to success in life.

Your correspondent heard the news of Tom’s passing from my childhood best friend and the design guru here at Infoamed. I was on my way to surf my favourite wave, one of the places we bonded over with a love for the boogie in the late early 90’s.

On the rocks that afternoon I met my cousin, ten odd years my junior, raised to froth the Boog in performance era of the noughties.

My teenage son joined us in the line up, just beginning his hopefully life long infatuation with boogie sliding.

We joked that my cousin’s infant son, celebrating his first birthday that same day would soon be joining us on the peak as well.

Everyone I interacted with that afternoon, fellow boogers, partners of boogers, friends and family, I connected with because of Tom’s creation.

This is the magic of Tom’s gift to the world.

Not many of us will be able to truly say we made the world a better place before we leave it. Tom Morey not only brought the thrill and the joy of experiencing wave riding to multitudes, he also connected and brought multitudes of people together .

A life well lived.

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