Sam Thomas Lands A Model!

Sam Thomas Lands A Model!

The rightful recalibration of support away from has-been’s from yesteryear towards upcoming riders from Oz continues with Nomad announcing the release of the Sam Thomas model. Sam, you will no doubt remember is the Tasmanian who raw dog paddled an absolute nugget of a Shipsterns bomb earlier this year and blew up across surf and mainstream media.

We chatted to the guys at Nomad and then Sam himself to get some insight into how the signature board came about.


What was behind the decision to give Sam Thomas his own board model?

Samuel is one of the most humble and genuine people I’ve ever met. We have had a long relationship together, and Nomad has had a long history of pro models for Australia’s premiere big wave free surfers. To be honest, with Sam taking his riding to the next level over the last 3+ years, a Pro Model for him is well overdue and deserved.

How important is it for companies to back the next generation of Aussie riders coming through?

It is obviously very important for the future of the sport. The issue right now is how to identify talent, and the avenue’s riders have to put their talent and personality in both the public and industries faces. We all want to see the sport thrive at both a domestic and international level, but the pause button has really been hit over the last 2 years for riders to put their talent on display.

What are you hoping to see from Sam into the future?

More of the same. Samuel is what you want to see in every pro rider. He is highly self-motivated and just wants to be in the water. He was so stoked when he rang me a couple of weeks ago to tell me he got the wave of his life out at Shippies, and after seeing the footage and it going viral, who could disagree.

What qualities do you look for in a rider when deciding who sponsor?

Riders who are looking for someone to collaborate with, are self-motivated, and are really looking for a partner to achieve their goals is a high priority to us. Working with people with a clear vision of what they want to achieve makes for an easy relationship because there are goals already set.


Congratulations on the new board model from Nomad. How did it come about?

Thankyou!! I’m so stoked. To be honest I had no idea I was going to get one. Shane just shot me a message one day asking what my favourite core to ride was and to give him a few different colourways. I knew it was leading somewhere.

What’s your history with Nomad?

I’ve been riding with Nomad Bodyboards for ten years now. I remember sending them a video I had made when i was 17 asking if they were interested in sponsoring me. They got back to me and were keen.

It started off small just discounts and stuff and a bit of promotion in return. Throughout the years I have developed a good relationship with Shane and Mark. I’ve always made an effort to hook my mates up with gear from Limited edition, Nomad and Attica. We have recently also finished off a project where Nomad collaborated with Myself and Blackbird Yellow Eye where we were able to launch some of my Art at the Tasmanian Inn. We had screen printed a bunch of my designs on clothing and I also designed Nomad a T-shirt which we screen printed live on the day.

I’ve also made an effort to go into the Nomad factory in Vicco when ever im passing through. It’s nice to be able to meet them in person and put a face to the name.

Are there any special design features you’ve worked in to the model?

We have basically designed a board made for cold water slabs which encompasses flex and durability. I also got to design the scorpion logo on the bottom of the board.

Are we right in assuming that you are the first booger from the Apple Isles to get a signature board model?

Yep!!! But there is definitely some legends down here that rip and should have their own model too. My brother Cohen Thomas, The Ward boys, Jezza Faulds, the Swan.  Just to name a few…

What’s your focus now into the future? More giant Shippies pits?

Haha yep more giant Shippies pits would be nice!! I just want to Travel and Surf and create art. Hopefully some more opportunities arise. I’d love to design Nomad another shirt design and hopefully keep working with them creatively in the future.

I’m working a part time job Nursing at the hospital at the moment. So I’m just trying to master the work life balance.

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