Brenden Newton talks ” The Grey Space”.

Brenden Newton talks ” The Grey Space”.

Congrats on launching your new podcast ” The Grey Space”. What was the motivation for you getting into the podcast space?

I spent 2020 with 30 zoom calls per week, telling my story, hearing others’ stories. I thought, fuck, I’m good at this stuff, and really enjoy it, I’ll give it a go.

Do you have a main focus or idea you’re aiming to explore throughout the podcasts?

I want people to feel like they can be honest about their lives. Their minds.

Your first few guests have been related to the surf / bodyboarding world, will this continue into the future, or do you plan on branching out?

Just doing boogers at the moment cos they are interesting to me. Ep 6 has a non booger, and he is this epic mystic mate from Indian. His ep was fun; titled ‘Enlightenment’.

How has the feedback been so far?

Feedback has been thick and fast – really positive and heartfelt. From people I thoroughly respect, so I’m on a high.

What have you found to be the most difficult, and most rewarding part of podcasting?

Difficult: If youre in an anxious mood – it’s hard to settle and record a pre-booked guest.Rewarding: Heaps of people genuinely inspired by the content and explaining that to me.

Have you had any mentors or help from others in getting up and running?

Yer Josh Kirkman, Terrible Happy Talks, James Kates, Jack Dobo, Chris Frape, Jack Manning Bancroft have all contributed in their own ways.

For yourself, what do you feel makes an interesting podcast?

Honest shit. Showing your warts, and making mistakes, live. When a host is super inspired by guests, its bound to fly.

Where can people find “The Grey Space” if they’re interested in listening?

Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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