Ayaka Makes History.

Ayaka Makes History.

Congratulations on the twin wins in both the Men’s and Women’s divisions at the Belmar Pro. You may well have created history by becoming the first female to win both divisions in a professional contest, how does that feel?

I’m very happy about this result! I was definitely excited to compete with the men in a professional contest, and yes I heard this is the very first time that a women won both the men’s and women’s division in a pro comp! I’m stoked about that!!

What inspired you to enter both divisions?

Since I became a world champion in 2018, I wanted to compete with the men.
I started to feel bored competing at the same level against the same people in the women’s division every year.

There is a very high level in women’s bodyboarding and definitely the skill level is getting higher every year, but I wanted to start from the bottom in the mens division and truly challenge myself. I think it is the best way for me to improve my bodyboarding skill and I needed some excitement in the comp without pressure like the first time you try to enter a contest!

There has been a little online chatter about the “fairness” of women being able to enter the men’s division whilst it’s unlikely that a man would be allowed to enter the women’s division. Do you have an thoughts on those statements?

Well, I know some people want to ask this question but I ask question back to you guys;



First of all, Men and women have very different body shapes and physical abilities.

For that reason, I don’t think it’s fair that men join women’s division,
but I do think it’s fair that women join mens division, paying the same entry fee, competing in the same condition and with the disadvantage of lesser physical ability.

I think this is the most fair for everyone if the event makes one OPEN divisions which both men and women can join and compete in, like Mike Stewart did in pipeline, I do like that idea.

At the moment not so many events has this idea so I choose to compete with mens until womens prize money becomes equal with the mens. (When the event welcome me to compete in the men’s ya!)

Do you think there’s an argument that professional contests should simply offer an Opens division for all, regardless of gender, or do you think that a separate woman’s division is still needed to help encourage more women to become involved in competition?

Women’s division doesn’t have an equal prize money with mens now so YES they should have a OPEN division which is both men and women can enter to compete for the same prize money.

I also think we still need to have a women’s division to help encourage more women to become involved in competition.

The biggest problem is we don’t have many women bodyboarders who like to compete. I believe this is because the level in the women’s world tour is at to high level for new comers and to expensive to compete around the world.

I think it’s a great idea that each contest makes different levels of divisions in mens and womens, beginners, Pro Open class. I believe it will make more boogie girls motivated to compete, improve their skill and increase competitor’s number.

The prize money you received for the win in the men’s division ($1000) was twice that of the women’s division ($500). Your thoughts on this?

The amount of women competitors is way less than the men competitors so
For that reason I think it’s fair and understandable that women’s prize money is less than the Men’s.

Hopefully we can increase the amount of women’s competitor and we’ll be able to have an equal prize money in the near future!!!!

Any other information or comments you’d like to include feel free here!

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