Fernando Lays It Down!

Fernando Lays It Down!

By Dan Dobbin.

Not many, but a few days ago, we reported on the possible, nay probable idea that the International Surfing Association was preparing the ground with a covert Psyops campaign readying boogieverse for the idea that Olympic competition is in our future.

(Read here: https://infoamed.com/2021/09/15/bodyboardings-olympic-dream-edges-closer/ )

Now it seems that ISA chief Fernando Aguerre, the mastermind who originally secured Surfing as an Olympic event, has fallen even deeper in love with prone riding.

As the National Enquirer of bodyboarding media we spend much of our days trawling social media to look for preciously small tidbits of information to inflate into clickbait articles so that the no money we make from viewing traffic continues to not flow in.

And thus we happened upon the following Instapost from Fernando:

“My first lying tube in my life!!!”

I just surf in lie down”

Today I went lay surfing and had lots of fun in the water.”

Tell me these aren’t the words of a man now all about that prone life! We wouldn’t be surprised to see Fernando debut an Inverted tattoo next.

Additionally, again note the @mikestewart and @isasurfing.

Remember, with Surfing already ticked off as an Olympic event, all that needs to happen for bodyboarder to be eligible to compete at the greatest sporting event on the globe is that bodyboarding be included as a discipline of surfing, in the same way that BMX was added at the Tokyo games as a discipline of cycling.

(Read Pierre Louis Costes thoughts on this here : https://infoamed.com/2021/08/05/pierres-olympic-ambition/)

Teahupoo 2024 here we come!

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