Local Legend: Scott Plowden.

Local Legend: Scott Plowden.

Firstly, Introduce yourself, who are you and where are you from?

My name is Scotty Plowden and I am from Dana Point, California.

How did you first fall in love with bodyboarding?

I first fell in love with bodyboarding just before I got in to High School. There was a big south swell so my friend and I went to a local shorebreak spot and packed closeouts until we both had sand seeping through our pores! I had always been riding before then, but that day totally established my love for the boogie.

You’ve been nominated as a “Local Legend”, can you give an outline of your personal history with your local area?

Wow that’s awesome! So I guess it all started when I really keyed in on one break in specific, Salt Creek. I had always enjoyed riding at creek but it was only 3 or 4 years ago now that I really started to get comfortable and confident in the water there. It is a pretty popular favorite of most people in the area so there is almost always a crowded lineup. I am lucky enough to live just up the street and am able to be there almost every time the waves get good. I have become friends with some of the OG local riders just by always being around and always having a smile on my face. At first I had a few issues with some individuals but over time we ironed out the wrinkles and our differences brought us closer together. I have learned over time, it takes respect to earn respect.

What makes your local area so special to you?

My local area is very close to my heart because it has provided some of my most valuable relationships with riders I have met in the water. As well as that our waves are not always good, it takes a decent amount of searching around or a few seasons of previous knowledge to get keyed in. There are so many nooks and crannies and although it is SoCal there are plenty of waves that don’t get quite as much attention as you would think.

Without naming specific locations, can you describe your most memorable session or wave in your home zone?

Oh Man! November 10th, 2019. Absolutely insane. I was at work during a crazy weather front, it was pissing rain and thunder as well as howling sideshore wind. Right when I punched out at 4pm I checked my phone and saw the wind was starting to mellow out as the storm had mostly passed. I headed down to a local sandbar and had some of the heaviest and craziest dirty water waves of my life. Right when i got to the beach the wind flipped offshore and the waves were just pumping. Just watching the waves from the sand or the shoulder was mesmerizing. The whole local crew was out, stand ups, boogies and all. We all went back to back for the few remaining hours of light and right as the sun set a huge cloud of black sludge started to infiltrate the lineup. I caught my last wave just before it hit me and escaped the doodoo water by the kick of a fin. That session is forever stitched into my brain.

Who are the other riders in your area who deserve a little recognition and why?

There are plenty of great riders in the area, yet there are very few who are on it day in and day out. A name worth mentioning is Evan Mcmillen, he absolutely rips and is not afraid to launch himself to the moon. His twin brother Eian as well. A younger rider I just became friends with a few months ago is Lincoln Presley. This kid has passion. He is always riding before i show up to the beach and after I leave. The lad is putting in work and people are starting to notice.

Can you tell us an urban myth from your area which routinely gets retold, either surf or non-surf related?

For sure, hopefully this counts. I here from all the older surfers telling me how amazing it was back in their day and that there used to be a legendary wave in my town. It was called Killer Dana. This wave used to break anywhere from 3ft-20ft and would break for about a half mile or so. All the older guys do is complain about what it USED to be, unfortunately the wave was destroyed when a harbour break wall was installed directly parallel to the waves peak. It seemed like an absolutely “Killer” wave and man I wish it still existed because the lineups would be a lot more spread out around here!

Lastly, which rider is ripping the most where you live?

Definitely Craig Whetter, he has always given me inspiration to go big and never look back. His style, his technical approach to such a physically involved sport, and his humbleness are what makes me look up to him. He makes it look so effortless and is always enjoyable to watch.

Any other comments or shout outs you’d like to include feel free here.

I would like to give thanks to everyone that supports me and my dream of traveling and aiming to become a professional bodyboarder. I would like to thank my sponsor Hubboards for making absolute weapons of boards and for also making sure I have all the gear I need to ride at my fullest potential. I also want to give a huge shoutout to Bency at MOB All Things Ocean. Bency created a clothing brand that represents positive energy and gratitude for the amazing aquatic playground that we all know and love to enjoy.

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