Bodyboarding’s Olympic Dream Edges Closer…

Bodyboarding’s Olympic Dream Edges Closer…

By Dan Dobbin.

I see you Fernando Aguerre.

Looking for subtle conspiratorial hints, nods, winks and Easter eggs is so hot right now in a Western society spooked to discover they remain at the biological whims of nature.

From Bill Gates suggesting people read a book from 1956 called “How To Lie With Statistics”, a non binding action plan from the United Nations four decades ago on sustainable development repurposed as a manifesto for a global reset, NSW’s chief medical officer Kerry Chant saying the scary wary words ” New World Order”…. What does it all mean….what does it all mean…..hmmm….follow the white rabbit….

Now it seems that to the International Surfing Association president Fernando Aguerre is getting in on the act.

Not many, but a few days ago, Fernando reposted this picture of Australian surf-o-plane users from last century bombing the shorey and the accompanying comment on his Insta story:

Have a gander at the two people he tagged in the shot.

@bobfasulo is one Robert Fasulo, executive director of the ISA responsible for “the strategic direction, financial stewardship and operational management of Surfing’s world governing body”.

According to to the “Around the Rings” website Robert has previously “held senior positions at various Olympic organisations, including being Chief of International Relations at the U.S. Olympic Committee and Director of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF)”.

An Olympics insider if you will.

The other is, of course Mike Stewart, recent assistance coach to the Canadian Surfing Team at the ISA Surfing games, and current spearhead behind bodyboarding’s Olympic dream.

We’re told that this drip feed “preparing of the ground” is common in covert Psy Ops, conditioning the general population to accept huge announcements or big changes when they become a reality.

We here at Infoamed, for one, welcome our new Olympic overlords, for reasons outlined here;

More as the great Olympic awakening develops…..


I mean,


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