Tension Tremors.

Tension Tremors.

By Dan Dobbin.

The tremors and ripples from the Tension 11 mic drop from media mogul Christ White are all ready beginning to permeate out into the boogieverse.

Eagle eyed social media marksman will have noted a little prick tease from master lensman and Phil ” Toinz” Gallagher involving Lord of the Rail Rawlins and Lord of Style Hardy.

Mr Gallagher prefaced a mash up of Mitch and Ryan pics on Insta with the words ” Strong rumblings of seeing these two on a surf trip as soon as we can travel domestically”.

Similarly, on episode 4 of Brendan Newton’s excellent new podcast ” The Grey Space” with Jake Stone, the master of the Iron Lotus hints at his renewed vigor to push gut sliding to its extremes now that T11 is back on the books.


Indeed, Whitey himself completed a strike mission back to Cyclops with the newly repaired Lewy Finnigan and Brady Devenny that Chris himself described as “ One of the wildest weekends of my life”, strong words from a man who lived through the original Tension shenanigans and is a bona fide a Ninja Warrior.

Whitey, Stone, Rawlins Hardy!

Seems like the revival of Tension is starting to shake the hibernating Australian bodyboarding scene back into action!

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