World Title Controversy!

World Title Controversy!

Just when you thought it wasn’t possible for a 1-2 ft beach break wave to serve up any kind of excitement or interest, the Dropknee world title championships comes to the rescue!

Portuguese rider Tiago Pimentao, a man much enslavened to the DK way of life judging by the #jackstance4life #dropknee #dkwars #dk4life splashed across his Insta bio, is claiming his run at the one off WC was cruelled by some dubious information and lack of clear guidance from an IBC official.

Thanks to the tip off from Slammin’ Sam Brown who has boots on the ground at the contest site, we employed the services of Google translate to pump Tiago for a little more information surrounding the controversy.

All morning the heats before mine could surf in the right in front of the pool. One of the directors of the comp said I could surf there so I did.

10 minutes into the heat  I had already done 3 waves. A free surf arrived to tell me they weren’t being scored.  With 10 minutes passed, then they tell me I was out of the zone where all morning was the competition zone. They had no flag to mark the zone as in or out  It was a shame. After this I was tired and I tried to go to the left where the others were surfing but was tired of the paddling. I still tried but when I got to that area I only had 6 minutes of the heat left”.

The fault was a technical director telling me I could surf there when I  couldn’t. It was very bad for a World competition, The director says “yes” but the judges, they didn’t score“.

It’s a lack of professionalism and it’s mocking an athlete like me. I train all year for this year. I was starting well it would be difficult to stop me. Just like that they managed to do it. It’s a pity. Now I forget about this year and all the training I’ve had. I will have to think about whether I will compete again”.

A rookie move by a competitor surfing outside the contest zone?

Poor organisation and information by the sports new governing body?

The most exciting thing that might happen at the Sintra Pro?

More when your author returns from not dropkneeing a 6ft East Coast slab……

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