Who Cares About The DK World Title?

Who Cares About The DK World Title?

If you tuned in yesterday you’d have sniffed in the breeze the faint whiff of World Championships and World Championships lite on offer at the Sintra Pro.

The Men’s, Women’s and Pro Junior’s are all vying for a “World Cup of Bodyboarding” trophy. 

But in the Dropknee, a you beut, genuine, bona fide Double U Tee is up for grabs.

Irresistible to anyone who likes to go whack whack in the half crouch and harbours a rhino sized competitive streak.

Rhino sized streak equipt competitors like 8 time DK WC Dave Hubb and 3 time DK WC Sammy Morretino are making the 12581 km trip from their homes in the Hawaii islands to the shores of Praia Grande, Portugal.

Who isn’t going through is a single Aussie rider, DK or otherwise. Indeed Sammy M’s old man, one Sam Brown, took to social media to do a little trolling and call out the lack of Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie Oi Oi Oi going to be heard around the contest site.

Various responses appeared pointing out the distance, cost, quartine requirements and lack of support from the industry, but Sam was having none of it retorting that many of the same obstacles applied to the Hawaiian riders traveling to compete.

Is it just that Hawaiians, like Slammin’ Sam says, have ” passion” for the ‘knee, while all Ozzie Dkers are economic girlie men?

More as the story develops….

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