The Sintra Pro is on, again.

The Sintra Pro is on, again.

That’s right, bodyboarding longest running and consistently underwhelming bodyboard contest The Sintra Pro in Portugal is back for it’s belated 25th year.

What the contest lacks in quality waves and prestige, it makes up for in the sheer steadfastness, rolling out the welcome mat to bodyboarders wanting to pull on the contest vest year after year.

This year the comp will kick off on the 7th of September as a sanctioned IBC event, with winners of the Mens, Womens and Pro Junior divisions being awarded a “World Cup of Bodyboarding” trophy. Not quite a world champion, but kinda, sorta…

The dropknee division will however crown an official 2021 World Champion.

While the waves at Praia Grande rarely produce a quality wave, a quality field of riders will be present.

Pierre Louis Costes, Iain Campbell, Tristan Roberts, Amaury Lavernhe, Dave Hubbard, Sammy Morretino, Ibrahim Iddouch, and Daniel Fonseca have all put their hands up to consistently throw their dates over their heads and attempt to backflip to victory.

On the women’s side Sari Ohara, Isabela Sousa, Joana Schenker and Alexandra Rinder fill out the top contenders positions.

The Dropknee world title will be a shoot out between Dave Hubb and Sammy Morretino one would think.

Forecast for the event looks like standard Sintra Pro fare, 2-4ft swell with onshore / cross shore winds for much of the event window.

Interested parties can have a gander live on the IBC’s YouTube channel starting on Tuesday of this week.

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