Tensions 11 Is Go!

Tensions 11 Is Go!

Chris White is a man who has success at everything he turns his hand to. Ninja Warrior, Podcaster, photographer, filmmaker. In the boogieverse he is loved and adored for his generation defining “Tensionfilms.

On social media over the weekend, Chris teased a re-birth of the series, hinting at the creation of Tension 11. Ever your entrepid reporters, Infoamed tracked down the man for more details.

You’ve sent booger hearts a fluttering all over the internet with the allusion to a release of Tension 11, can you give us more detail about this?

Yes, I can confirm that Tension 11 is happening!

What stage are you at in terms of the project?

Infancy stages at the moment but it’s full steam ahead, starting this weekend! We’re going to an extremely remote location with two riders that want to test themselves in some crazy slabs. I’m pumped, nervous and excited all in one.

The core group of guys who featured heavily in the early films ( Hughes, Jackson, Winchester, Virtue, Hardy etc) are all now at different stages in their lives, will there be a new focus / format in T11?

Will definitely be a new format. We’re all dads now so it’s going to be harder to fill profile sections with new waves like the old days. Most of these guys have companies in the industry so I want to delve in to their day to days and get some funny footage. We’ve got a group chat going and the lads are real keen on a boat trip, it’s exciting! Hopefully the world (and our borders in Australia) opens up real soon. Definitely want to include all the OG tension guys and also the next breed carrying the torch.

Chad Jackson from the glory days.

In the times of Covid travel restrictions, how do you plan on sourcing footage?

I’m hoping that people can send me footage from across the world which would be really cool and handy. I also want to get to as many places as possible like Hawaii to catch up with all the legends like Mike, Hubb and Slater etc

Did the success of the recent ” Up in Joke” concert light the fire to get back into making the new Tension?

Big Time. Having a 1000 people packed into a theatre cheering when Stoney ripped into a slab was so amazing. I got talking to some local bodyboarders and they were just so amped and it really brushed off on me. The project will be focused on these ‘premiere’ nights bringing people together to catch up, laugh and reconnect, and hopefully get some people back in the water. A few of the boys are really fired up, Benny P said he’s amped to shake off his Dad bod, Jake Stone said he has some unfinished business and Hughes is getting a wave pool board ready for the Surf Ranch.

The Up in Joke crew.

Any other comments or information you’d like share?

I witnessed the passion in the crowd in WA on the weekend and I know there’s shredders all over the world just the same, so if you have some good waves and good footage get in contact through Instagram @chris.whitey Bodyboarders Unite!

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