Valentina’s Prose.

Valentina’s Prose.

By Dan Dobbin.

What’s the best book you’ve read?

The classics? War and Peace, Great Expectations, Catcher in the Rye?

Your author has tried to read Moby Dick on multiple occasions but Melville’s ornate writing style just doesn’t capture me.

1984 and Fahrenheit 451 might be getting a punishing in these times…

When was the last time you actually read a book? Lockie Leonard: Human Torpedo at school?

Do people even read anymore?

If you’re here, at least we know your reading a little, even if it’s a 40 second skim through.

If we were to start a Tuesday booging book club, by our count it would run two weeks. Na Onda Com ( On the wave) with Guilherme Tamega from 1994 and Born to Boogie By Owen Pye published in 2013.

Well, now we can extend our readings into a third week with the release of Chilean big wave hellwomen Valentina Diaz’s biography  La Valentía de Valentina ( Valentina’s courage).

As per the publishing blurb;

“Valentina Díaz Langdon surprised the world of surfing by becoming the first Chilean in history to win a gold medal for her country at the 2015 Pan American Games and be a pioneer in the big waves of her discipline, in order to break the schemes and stereotypes pre-established and become a symbol for the next generations of women and athletes, as the great love for her passion has led her to fulfill her dreams through a nomadic life, full of adventures and stories of resilience and improvement”.

Via Instagram, Valentina herself describes the book thus;

In the privacy of my sole there is an Amazon, warrior, lioness… Welcome to my little story where I share parts of my privacy and secrets. How I achieved dreams that seemed so difficult. Romance, choices, falls, triumphs and many adventures from around the world. Soon I will do a Livestream to talk more deeply about my book and some of it’s quirky chapters”.

Does that tickle the interest? Do you wonder how Valentina became a lioness? What are the secret’s teased?

Unfortunately for unilingualist’s, the book is only currently available in Spanish, so we English speakers may never get to uncover the answers to these vexing questions.

It does open the door to an interesting question though, namely “Do we need more booging based books”?

What if a certain website was working on a little project cheesily titled ” Great Moment In Bodyboarding History” that delved into the stories behind some of the most memorable events from the last 50 years in our little pastime?

Would you read?

More importantly, would you purchase, then read?

More as the story develops……

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