Brighter Futures.

Brighter Futures.

With many board companies seemingly on interested in handing out signature board models to riders who had their careers during the VHS era, it’s refreshing that Science would look to the future and announce new board models from two of Australia’s best young riders.

Luke Pleydon caught up with Liam Lucas and Shayden Schrader to hear their thoughts on securing their signature models.

Interview by Luke Pleydon.

Firstly, congratulations on landing your very own board model,with arguably the biggest board brand in the world,has this always been a goal of yours?

SS: Yeah a board model has definitely always been on the list for sure I’ve alway wanted a board that I could create and say is mine and I guess it doesn’t get anymore “mine” then something with my name on it and I’m pretty stoked with how they turned out!.

LL: Thanks!! I’m pretty stoked on how my new board model turned out. Ever since I started bodyboarding it was always a dream of mine to have my own board model but I never thought it would become a reality.


Personally I’m stoked to see some young guns finally get the support to get a board model in Aus,I feel like not enough young rippers think that’s a possibility anymore,did you ever give up hope on ever getting one?

SS: Yeah I agree I feel like for the sport to grow you need something for the kids to look up to. I feel like when I was growing up there were less and less people with board models, whether that be because people were dropping out of the sport or there wasn’t enough talent to give one to. It’s good to see that it is still a possibility for people to achieve a board model and I hope it keeps the younger generation keen and passionate about bodyboarding, whether it be competing or free surfing there’s no better feeling than being in the water scoring fun waves.

LL: Yeah I fully agree, couldn’t be more stoked with Science putting some investment into the next gen of booging. I gave up all hope a few years back and just thought that no new guys were getting board models so it wasn’t even a possibility anymore.


Tell us a little bit about your model(what tech and why you chose the colours)

SS: My board model is a shape that I use in all conditions. I use the tri-quad channel system because it’s the perfect combination of both speed and control, whether it be in 2ft and onshore or 6ft and offshore. It works for people who like sitting in the pocket and going with the flow and people who love hunting ramps to get as much air as possible.

My custom contours are built in for comfort outlining from the hand down to the elbow to make sure your arm is always in the right position. I’ve also chosen two different colour combos, one for people who like it to keep it pretty simple and one for people who want something a little different to the average colour combo.

The Schrader model.

LL: My new signature model is really good for flow and transferring rail which is perfect for drawing a speedy line for big airs. It uses a PP core with contours and nose bulbs as well as two colourways involving a black deck, black rails, white slick and a blue deck, red rails, yellow pinline and white slick. I chose these colourways as I love the classic colourways.

The Lucas model.

Are you frothing at the prospect,of rocking up for a surf somewhere and seeing someone with one of your boards ?

SS:Yeah definitely I’d love to rock up to a surf spot somewhere along the coast to see someone using my board and get some feedback about it!

LL: Yeah over the moon, I haven’t really thought about it yet but I’ll definitely be frothing on seeing someone riding one of my boards.

Lastly what do you see for yourselves in the future? Any grand plans?

SS: It’s a little difficult to see too far into the future at the moment with all the uncertainty going on around the world right now , but my plans are to keep progressing and get as much content on my new boards as possible whilst also competing in as many comps as I can.

LL: At the moment I don’t have any grand plans for the time being I will be focussing on chasing waves on the east coast in between uni classes and pushing myself as much as possible.

You can pick up Shayden’s & Liam’s  new board models in all core boog shops.

Check the boys ripping below!



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