Local Legend: Korrey Smith.

Local Legend: Korrey Smith.

Firstly, Introduce yourself, who are you and where are you from?

Korrey smith, 39 years old, I live in old Erowal bay, (Jervis bay) south coast.

How did you first fall in love with bodyboarding?

I fell in love with body boarding when I was about 9-10 years old.
There where about 4-5 kids at our primary school who where just starting to get into it as well, as their older brothers where already booging. We could see the waves at the river mouth from the bottom of the play ground, and would just froth on heading out to the bombie (sewers)in the afternoons and just muck around sliding out and getting slammed on the rocks, writing each other off!!!

What makes your local area so special to you?

I love where I live, Jervis Bay is beautiful, Booderree national park manages the bay for the future and it’s not to busy.
We have 4-5 good waves for booging, and heap of friends and family who think the same.
That’s why I think the bay is special.

Without naming specific locations, can you describe your most memorable session or wave in your home zone?

I have one memory of an arvo towing a popular bombie down the coast, my mates Chap and Gray where there all morning surfing it, and I shot down that arvo to meet them. When I got there there was no one out, and there were still some sick ones, so Chap offered to tow me while Gray stayed on shore and watched. We had to beach launch in front of the wave, (and got real bogged) but got out, just!! We didn’t communicate too well as I was frothing to get out there, I surfed till dark, then we pulled stumps and started the ski ride to the boat ramp we normally launch from, about 30 mins away.

In the dark, we got to the ramp, and there was no Gray, he had my car and the ski trailer. We were at the ramp for hours, it was so cold, howling off shore wind, massive surf, middle of winter, no phone and it was getting so late.

We went back into the water which was warmer than the land at that point. We starting to get worried, so we decided to walk into town to see if we could use a phone. Nearly all the houses are holiday houses, so that didn’t work.

As we got back to the ramp not knowing what to do, all of a sudden all these emergency services rock up , about to start a sea search for two bodyboarders!!!!

Gray went to the another ramp down the coast thinking we would have gone to that one, so he thought we where missing when we didn’t turn up, so he called Emergency services and launched a search party.
He did the right thing though, it just shows to communicate when surfing and watch out for each other.

Which rider is ripping the most where you live?

There are a few guys surfing well at the moment. I think Ben Ardler surfing is good, he is starting to get some power behind his surfing now, as he’s getting older, starting to draw nice lines on his turns, if he starts putting all that together with hitting bowls and ramps, he will be launching.

Can you tell us an urban myth from your area which routinely gets retold, either surf or non-surf related?

The myth the legend, the yeti, big hairy man who lives in the bush out in the park, don’t look him in the eyes if he gets near ya, be careful at night walking the tacks, he’ll get ya!

Any other comments or shout outs you’d like to include feel free here.

A shout out to everyone who visits jervis bay and summer cloud, please take your rubbish home with ya, people leaving it everywhere. Cheers!

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