Local Legend: Chad Stickney.

Firstly, Introduce yourself, who are you and where are you from?

Hello I’m Chad Stickney from Laguna beach California, now I spend 1/2 the year in mainland mexico now a days.

How did you first fall in love with bodyboarding?

I fell in love with the boogie cause the town I grew up in is mostly shore break and a few slabs wedges etc. place is good for kids but I can say I wish I grew up riding beach breaks.

You’ve been nominated as a “Local Legend”, can you give an outline of your personal history with your local area?

I’m by far not a local legend at all there’s not many legends in this sport except for Tom for inventing the craft we all ride on. I’ve made 2 boogie dvds which I spent all my saving to produce. Was ripped of by companies and magazines multiple times. Which has left me disliking the industry. I’ve watched multiple friend get ripped off also. So from making those dvds I meet a lot of not good people. Kids go to school the boogie doesn’t pay the bills. Now if your doing as a life style that’s completely different. The way I was able to pay my travels was from custom fabricating camera water housings out of my parents garage.

What makes your local area so special to you?

My local area was special till social media hit then the vloggers ruined everything. Which has lead me just to stay south of the boarder. Back in the day if you filmed or videoed you got beat up no cell phones to call cops for help. You just took your licks.

Without naming specific locations, can you describe your most memorable session or wave in your home zone?

My most memorable session in my home town probably at a reef slab the kids have blown outta proportion. It was me and one buddy switching off harvesting tubes. I know that’s long in the past for sure.

Who are the other riders in your area who deserve a little recognition and why?

Scotty Carter, Henry long, Scotto, Scott Bartman, big Willy, uncletrappy, Dumas, Espo, JL, Troy manzer, Taylor amick, Sean Manning, James Showell, & bob forbes. Probably a few I forgot.

Lastly, which rider is ripping the most where you live?

Kris epsinoza is probably my favorite rider that rips from Orange County.

Can you tell us an urban myth from your area which routinely gets retold, either surf or non-surf related?

Kids stay in school cause bodyboarding doesn’t pay the bills.

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