Bitzer’s Blitzer.

Bitzer’s Blitzer.

By Dan Dobbin.

God, vaccine debate is so hot right now.

Fresh off the news that an unvaccinated Kainoa McGee may have contracted Covid-19 while performing his job as a Lifeguard, fellow Hawaiian North Shore guard and former pro bodyboarder Jason Bitzer has launched an impassioned personal proclamation via social media on why he won’t be shooting up the dead ‘rona any time soon.

(Read the whole Insta post here:

Some of the highlights;

“I’m not anti anything modern medicine is a wonderful thing, but I am pro freedom of choice and freedom of speech. That goes for everyone. You have the right to live your life in any manner you choose fit”.

“I’m not afraid of death or a shot I’m afraid of living on my knees controlled by lesser men given power they don’t deserve by a corrupt authority that makes profit of human ignorance/ fear”.

All fine and dandy here, as former teenage anarchists we all remember the adolescent inclination to rage blindly against ” the man” which usually wanes into adulthood once nuanced and circumspect reflection and thought become possible as the prefrontal cortex reaches maturity.

What we did find shocking was the news that Australia sux!

“If you want to continue with your love of fear and unchecked authority, you have the right, you will be living in Australia soon which is a pathetic society based off a reward and punishment system of conditioning and payouts, much like cruel animal training done in a circus”.

Now Bitzy, we’ll have you know that Australia has a proud history of standing up against the man.

In 1808 when Governor Bligh tried to break up the New South Wales corps monopoly on the rum trade, the corps marched on government house, dragged Bligh from under his bed, stuck him on a boat to Tasmania and kept making bling bling slinging piss to the convict population. Nothing pathetic about that!

We also fought back against a rampant mob of Emu’s decimating crops in Western Australia in the Great Emu War of 1932. Granted the Emu’s won, but we didn’t take that shit lying down.

The irony of course is that Australia finds itself it its current lockdown predicaments precisely because not enough of the population have been able to get access to a Covid vaccine and jab themselves up.

No word yet on how those who have seen through the lies and escaped the matrix plan on helping the sheeple outside of using scientifically developed technology to access a data mining media platform owned by a corporate billionaire to share meme’s about how science can’t be trusted, our movements and information are now being tracked, media sources lie to you and billionaire’s shouldn’t be trusted.

Still, it is exciting to speculate what society could look like if only we could escape the tyranny of democratically elected governments. Anarcho-syndicalist abolishment of wage slavery? Collectivist agricultural Kibbutz’s? Francoism?

More as society unravels….

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