Kainoa, Councils And Covid.

Kainoa, Councils And Covid.

By Dan Dobbin.

Kainoa McGee, the force of nature who fears no force of nature has been laid low by a force of nature.

The feared pipeline enforcer claims to have contracted Covid-19 whilst doing his job as a lifeguard on Oahu’s north shore.

Covid-19 is of course the amazing little virus that enables previously uninterested and unknowledgable individuals within many communities to develop extensive knowledge of microbiology, epidemiology, economics and global geopolitics to levels that usurps the collective understanding of experts who have spent decades working in the fields.

Also, it can kill people.

In an interview with Hawaiian based news service KITV, Kainoa says
“A few of my coworkers did a rescue off Tower 47A. Little to our knowledge we found out, three weeks later – the patient was positive for Covid”.

Kainoa is upset about a breakdown in communication from Honolulu city council. Ocean safety personnel are supposed to be alerted 24-48 hours after a patient tests positive for COVID.

Despite a global pandemic that has been the major topic of news and community conversations for a year and a half and the Hawaiian islands averaging well over 500 new Covid cases each day, it was reported that “McGee said a few days after the incident he started to see some symptoms. But thought it was a cold going around, as no one had been notified of the COVID positive patient”.

Big Mac continues by saying “The likelihood I got sick at work, is higher than anywhere else. No where else did anyone have any signs of COVID, until I tested positive.”

While acknowledging that as part of his profession he could regularly come in contact with members of the public carrying Covid-19 without PPE equipment, McGee was unvaccinated at the time he contracted the virus and has unfortunately passed it on to family members.

The Delta variant has been labelled the pandemic of the unvaccinated and with a total of 791,053 visitors arriving by air service to the Hawaiian Islands in June this year, it would appear imperative that the Honolulu city council and lifeguards do everything they can to work together to help stem the spread of the virus.

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