Eppo X NMD Collab Take Two.

Eppo X NMD Collab Take Two.

By Dan Dobbin.

Does the sequel ever live up to the original?

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo? Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey? Blues Brothers 2000?

Actually Madagascar 2 : Escape to Africa was better than the first one.

Avatar 2 starring Andre Botha will most definitely eclipse Avatar 1.

(Read here: https://infoamed.com/2020/12/17/andre-botha-avatar-2-body-double/)

The sequel to the Eppo / NMD collaboration run of boards, named the Type B went on sale at 7.00pm AEST time for $1000 a pop.

While the first run of Type A boards released earlier this year sold out in under 15 minutes, at the time of writing only 8 of the 24 available Type B boards have been gobbled up.

Buyer fatigue? A not so iconic colourway? Covid cash flow issues starting to bite?

Your wild speculation is as good as ours….

What is for sure is that Sunday story time with Eppo should definitely be added to the weekly bodyboarding media schedule.

The 93′ world champ’s easy and relaxed delivery in front of the camera as he delivers classic stories from bodyboarding’s gold age is engaging and entertaining.

Instagram live viewers were treated to a series of diddies that included being shamed into action by an war veteran after waking up in the gutter on ANZAC day, selling lamingtons to fund his first trip to Hawaii, why the board he won a world championship on was painted all black, an update on the relationship status of his daughters and a brief tour of his board collection in his shed.

News of Eppo’s future presenting career and update on board sales as they come to hand….

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