Quick Chats: Davis Blackwell.

Quick Chats: Davis Blackwell.

By Luke Pleydon.

G’day wingass ! I have to ask how did you manage to get over to Bali ? Looks like you’ve been getting some fun waves,but has it all been smooth sailing ?

Hey Brother, I am on a business visa and Aussie exemption. There were a few hoops but possible, I then had to isolate in Jakarta for 5 days before entering Bali. Oh yeah and a few cotton buds shoved up me snoz and I needed negativecovid results.

Whats the vibe like over there without the tourists around ?

Pretty normal Bali to be honest, people surfing and partying, but at the moment we are in the middle of a two and a half week lockdown, looking like it could also extend. This pretty much means take away food only with gojek, beaches are blocked off with signs and tape also police are guarding the beach. Its pretty sketchy to get a wave at the moment and Ihave heard whispers of foreigners getting deported, massive fines or even jail. Not to amped to go hang out in Schapelle Corby’s old villa.

Have the waves so far been worth the trek over?

Absoloutley! Warm water and no shark fears.

Craziest thing you’ve seen on your trip so far ?

A massive snake crossing a shortcut in the early hours of the morning while I was on my bike, thing would have been 4 meters long and thick it was skitz.

Also my life flash before my eyes when Kenoaf and I went adventuring in Java on a borrowed bike and we went down a huge hill with bends in it and the breaks where none existent. We both had our feet down trying to stop, its funny now but wasn’t at the time haha.

Whats your plans moving forward the rest of the year/coming years ?

Looking like will be in Indo until the end of October. But who knows hopefully can get back into Aus, time shall tell.

Finally,I’ve noticed in your recent clips a nice looking new sled can you give us any insight into that ?

Yeah the new Stealth Wingass model has a mad new colourway the peach! With my signature deck contours and shape, board is a weapon! Available at now!!!


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