Old El’ Eppo rides again.

Old El’ Eppo rides again.

By Dan Dobbin.

Lil’ update on our wild speculation from ” Old Guys Rule” regarding the latest NMD / Eppo collaboration titled the “Type B”.

( Read here https://infoamed.com/2021/07/19/old-guys-rule/)

Firstly we were wrong by one on the number of boards available for purchase. Somewhat randomly, it would appear that a run of only 24, not 25 boards will be available.

(We did note in the comments section under Eppo’s Insta post revealing the boards upcoming sale that Jake Stone claims to have a special custom version of the board. This would then make our 25 claim technically right, but we digress…)

Plugged as a throwback to the start of the time his royal squeakyness began riding for Manta bodyboards, the Type B will feature ” Dual directional channels lock tight for next-level edge control and a reduction in nose width increases response for rail to rail surfing”.

The usual marketing guff that you would expect to accompany the release of a new board model, but aside from the “Eppo” decal on the deck, nothing unusual or innovative in terms of board materials or design.

So why the $1000 price point?

After the resounding success of selling out of the 10 NMD / Eppo Rheopaipo era boards, which were snapped up in under roughly half an hour at the same $1000 a board, a second bite at the cherry with an increased run of boards seems a logical financial venture.

The value in these boards is of course predicated on their exclusivity and the nostalgic feelings they are designed to envoke in the potential purchasers.

Essentially your paying for the chance to feel special because you have something others don’t.

If you do cough up, the $1000 question then becomes, do you ride the board, or keep it safely tucked away in pristine condition in the hope that its value will increase over time?

If you’re are buyer and a keeper, when do you cash out and sell?

Do you perceive that bodyboarding culture will still be gazing forlornly backward in 5 years time? 10 years?

If  / when will the VBC retro bubble burst?

Could you potentially be left having shelled out a cool grand for a $350 board that you’ve never ridden?

Conversely, if you rip the plastic off your Type B and go ham, are you potentially doing yourself out of a nice little return on investment in the coming years?

Much to ponder…..


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