Old Guys Rule.

Old Guys Rule.

By Dan Dobbin.

Great news nostalgia freaks!

If it’s still the golden age of the late 80’s or early 90’s years inside your head then have we got news for you!

Two more sentimentality infused board models are set to fleece the pockets of the middle aged amoungst us.

First up everyone’s favourite gun toting rude boy Hauoli Reeves is set to receive his first ever signature board from Hubboards roughly 30 years after he last did anything of note in the boogieverse.

Opening glimpses at the boards reveal a very Morey Boogie Mach-VF look to one of the boards, which would be fitting as Hauoli developed much of the template and design features on that and other Morey models.

Board two was an orange looking rocket, perhaps a homage to the former tangerine who is no longer U.S. president but whom will soon be reinstated to power according the conspiracy minded who strongly believe in democracy and the rule of law, except for when it doesn’t deliver their desired outcomes.

No word yet on whether each board will come with a free AR-15, however such weapons would come in handy if one was interested in forming a well regulated militia to defend the security of a free state and expel a colonial power from a colonised land.


The second hit of reminiscence gas for the backward looking is a follow up to the successful Eppo / Mez collaboration from earlier this year that saw 9 lucky punters walk away with replicas of the curley headed ones first Rheopaipo signature model at $1000 a pop.

Board number 2 in the expanding Eppo / Mez stables seems to be a rooted in the Old El Paso era Eppo, just after he had freed himself from the tyrannical business practices of Rheo boss John Holmes and started to make a living wage from bodyboarding under the Manta label.

Judging by the colourway posted on social media, a wild speculative guess would posit that this next board may be a remake of the Eppo Air model Manta released.

The early inside word would suggest that only 25 will be made available at a similar price point to the Rheopaipo remakes.

Still no word on the possibilities of a Nugget Purcell double decked O&E, Troy Kneeves BSD, Damian King Fangz or Toby Player Atunas Shark Island models being re-released, given the current nostalgia fetish that seems to hold swath over large portions of middle aged boogers worldwide, we can’t rule anything out

More as the story develops……

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