The Avalanche.

The Avalanche.

The boogieverse has been flooded of late with images out of Brazil of the slabbing right called Avalanche. We caught up with Breno Kuster from NFX Brand who had a front row seat for all of the action to get the lowdown on the sessions.

All photos 📷Diego Silva @ds.images

It seems like the recent waves at Avalanche are blowing up across the internet, was there only one session or has there been a run of swells?

The session that is blowing across the internet was only a 2 day swell. But just in June we’ve already had 3 sessions there. This year the season is pumping

Who were the stand outs during the sessions?

We’ve had many great waves, but without doubt, the best one was from Lucas Rocha (@lrocha94), paddling in the first bomb of the day like a maniac.

What factors make Avalanche such a heavy wave?

The wave is located 4.5km from the shore, there is nothing to stop the swell to hit directly into the slab, the depth around it is like 30/40m and the slab has 4/6m in flat days. So the East swells hits it with full power.

Has there been any restrictions on surfing in Brazil in the wake of the Covid pandemic?

Vila Velha is a small seaside town and it is doing ok with the pandemic, until now we haven’t any restrictions from surfing.

How is the bodyboarding scene in Brazil currently?

Truly speaking it is not the best. In Brazil we have so many great bodyboard waves all around the country, but for years the competitions were held on beaches with small waves and poor conditions for bodyboarding and this image stuck with the sport, which took us not to be taken seriously in many cases. But that’s changing though.

Tell us about the NXF brand?

The nxf crew started in 2005 with some friends who knew that our town was full with slabs and great waves. Back then we were too young and we only surfed in waves that everybody already knew. But with time, we start to search for new waves and more heavy conditions, we found out some other great waves around our coastline and this made our passion for the search to grow.

In 2014 we went and saw for the first time the full potential of the “Avalanche”, it was 15+ ft and terrifying. We couldn’t surf, it was too big for us. So we’ve been working to surf properly these conditions, focusing on paddling and tow in the heaviest conditions and make bodyboard be seen like it truly is, an extreme and fascinating sport. Now the NXF became a brand and we have some clothes, caps and other accessories.

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