Quick Chats: Doug Smith.

Quick Chats: Doug Smith.

I’m Dougy Smith and I’m from Port Macquarie. A few people might recognise my name surfing around the south coast and on the world tour but it all started surfing my local, breakwall on the runout with fellow locals like Chase Oleary, Jones Russell, Damian King, Sam Bennett, Charlie Holt.

I competed professionally on the Australian Tour and World Tour but the whole industry fell through once the world tour went bankrupt so I fell into making free-surfing clips around the south coast while I was doing university.

I had always had an interest in storytelling and reading, and fantasy video games (Fun fact: James Nymeyer’s daughter Rikku, is named after one of my favourite fantasy video games, Final Fantasy X). I topped the HSC in English and I had always loved to read. While I was at university, I stumbled around courses pretty unsure of what I wanted––I was more focused on surfing and getting Centrelink payments––but I got to a point where I didn’t know what degree I was going to walk away with.

At the time, a friend had convinced me to finish watching Lord of the Rings. After I watched that, it resurfaced my passion for fantasy and storytelling from my childhood days. A few days later, I sat down with the university guidance counselor and weaved my degree into Creative Writing, Sociology major, and a minor in English Literature.

Over the course of my degree, I learned about all the theories of story building, the rules and structures of character and plot developments. I fell in love with these ideologies and telling stories. During my degree, we had to write stories, critique other stories and edit long novels. While we were writing, we also had to criticize our own work. Why did I write that? Why these subjects?

All these analytic questions pointed to my specific writing theme and genre; family and fantasy. Something about my writing always drew in the family drama of siblings and external threats on that family within a fantasy world, which I believe Game of Thrones was essentially about.

The biggest thing that attracts me to these themes is the depth of character the story can delve into. Families can bring the best and worst out of us and that is what I love and also dragons, magic, and epic battles.

The authors and books that probably give me the most inspiration for my writing would be Tad Williams, the Memory, Thorn and Sorrow Saga; George R.R. Martin, ‘Song of Fire and Ice,’; and Raymond E. Fiest, The Magician. All these books have exactly what I love about story-telling and character development, which I hope to one day mimic their skills and reputation in the literary world.

As mentioned before I’ve done a degree in writing but after I finished university I didn’t know what to do. So I sat down and began to write.

My pen name is Douglas W.T. Smith (I actually do have two middles names––William Thurstan) I finished my first draft novel, but while I was writing that I learned many things university didn’t teach me, so I began to write a blog about it. Over the two years of writing a novel, short stories, and poems, I built a large audience of international followers on my blog and landed a publishing deal with Of Metal and Magic Publishing Company for a different book, To Wield The Stars, which is due for publication in September 2021.

As for future projects, I have a book, SHADOW OF THE WICKED, which was released on the 1st of July, 2021. It’s in a completely different world to anything I’ve written and hopefully, by next year I want to have another story finished within the same world.

Lastly, thanks for reading. I’ve got a promotion going on my Instagram and Facebook for a huge giveaway. Go to my social media pages and check them out. The giveaway will be announced 1st of July, 2021 1800AEST on my Youtube Channel.

Thanks again. I hope you enjoyed my transition journey from bodyboarding to writing novels.

Thanks and I hope I answered your questions.
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