Who’s The Kook?

Who’s The Kook?

By Dan Dobbin.

Ah Kook Of The Day, the beloved Instagram showcasers of all things kookey may have accidentally outed themselves for kookey behaviour with a recent Insta post.

Captioned “The Burn Unit” the offending post shows World champion skimboarder Lucas Fink getting whipped into a little nugget at the Brazilian slab known as Avalanche (which has been absolutely firing of late) when bodyboarder Paulo Roberto descends like an avenging angel from above and delivers the kind of shoulder charge that any Rugby League front rower or NFL linebacker would be immensely proud of, ending the Fink’s ride.

That’s the basic “what” of the wave, the “why” at this point is pure speculation, we are attempting to contact Paulo for comment.

Now the fun starts when Kook Of The Day reached deep into the cliche’ bag and threw down such churtle worthy gems as #yournotevenstanding #dickdragons #typicalboogiemen #boogieboyz4life #dropindale throwing shade at Paulo’s paddle generated boogie bump on Mr Towrope.

(Watch here https://www.instagram.com/p/CQr8gL9BXRb/?utm_medium=copy_link)

The problem? The comments section under the post lit up in support of Paulo, because as everyone but kooks know paddlers have right of way over petroleum propelled projectiles, especially in heavy waves.

Lachlan Cramsie ” Paddle before tow 100%.”

Brett Barley ” Paddler has right of way always”.

Vertmagazine ” Paddler has priority you kooks”.

Dave Hubb “Once upon a time the general rule of thumb was: if it’s paddle-able don’t tow. oh, how I long for those days”.

C.J. Hobgood ” Jetskis are dangerous especially with cowboys driving them. So when you can paddle you go elsewhere with jet skis“.

And on and on and on. You don’t tow when it can be paddled.

A simple rule it would seem on the surface, but one that is continually flaunted or willfully ignored.

During the run of excellence days at Cape Solander last month the same issue reared its head, as Ski’s whipped surfers directly through the crowd on the peak chasing a rush and celluloid glory.

Cronulla ripper Shaun Pyne was particularly vocal after witnessing some poor tow behaviour during one session telling us:

Jetski’s have allowed average surfers access to proper waves and social media allows them to share their average surfing to an uneducated audience for a couple of likes and an ego boost, forgetting that it’s all been done years before at a higher-level paddling in”.

Still this latest episode pales in comparison to the grand daddy of all “Fuck you tow cowboy drop in vengeance moves”.

In 2013 Tahitian bodyboarder John Duval went full send by throwing himself into the path of a big wave surfer Dave Wassel on a huge bomb at Sapinas. During that session Wassel and his tow partner repeatedly lapped the paddle crew and took all of the good bombs coming through.

Having had enough of this behaviour Duval took matters into his own hands, and almost drowned in the process.

(Watch here : https://youtu.be/9ALOsxyyNIg)

Or read more here:


So the way to deal with disrespectful tow ins has now been set… Descend like vengeful valkaryies from above!

Todos Somos Paulo!

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