Ripping With Age: Moz.

Ripping With Age: Moz.

As you’ve gotten older, has your mindset changed at all in terms of your own expectations of your surfing performance?

Yes of course my mindset changed a few years ago already. I used to think, train and ride thinking about competition but after my second title, which was one year after my son was born, my motivation and dedication took a turn.

Today I’m riding with different goals in mind such as being as healthy as possible, refreshing my mind to be a better dad and husband at home. Bodyboarding is more than ever a lifestyle for myself and my family.

Today I’m riding at my best technical level and that’s a huge motivation for  me. I’m getting close to a perfect balance in my riding which is a great achievement as I’m getting older.
Being a busy dad opened my mind in many ways and today I’m riding mostly every day no matter the conditions, I just want to keep fit.

What about in terms of your relationship with the ocean? Is it still about finding the heaviest ripable waves or have you found that you enjoy the surf in different ways as you’ve aged?

As you know Canary Islands has such a big potential in terms of waves and I’m always looking to be at the right place on the right time to get the best of it. I pretty much hate to miss a good session around home and my whole days could be organise to be there. My wife, the school of my son, my daughter…everyone understand my motivation and we all get organise so daddy could get his moment of ride.
Today more than ever, The ocean is something whose rhythm defines our lives. If the wave are not good I need to get wet in any way so sometimes I just run down to my place to have a swim, or I go surf with my son, or I go spear fishing or I’m spending time to give bodyboarding courses. The salty water is my universe and I need it to feel better!!

Do you have any specific indicators that you think might tip you off in the future that you might not be physically or mentally able to take on waves heavy or challenging waves anymore?

Today the things that might tip me off are mostly physically such as tiredness , pain in my shoulders, cramps.
Mentally of course being a dad and husband is something that I’m always take in consideration but people that knows me would tell you that it does not seem to slow me down, apart from these small body pains, I feel stronger that ever, inside and outside!

What do you think is the single most important thing an individual can do as they get older to maintain a level of performance?

For many years now I used to train a lot with an high intensity but with the time I’m learning that intensity is not the most appropriate on a long term plan. The key is Consistency and the quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time.
I’m trying to ride as much as possible, I’m doing mostly stretching, body weight training. I’m trying to rest more than before  with a good quality sleep, healthy food etc..
Its a day by day routine that could maintain you on the top of your world.

Have you had any role models yourself that you have draw inspiration from or received wisdom from that has impacted on the way in which you’ve structured your life as you’ve aged?

Of course I have a lot of role models that I’m following and that inspired be everyday..In bodyboarding ,of course, a man like Mike Stewart, should be an inspiration for all of us as its mind blowing how fit he is for his age. Also guys like GT and Jeff Hubbard. Jeff is 10 years older that me and he seems riding at his best level. I would interested to know how he is feeling about it,I mean does he feel he is riding at his best today? Seeing him through social media today I feel so impress with what he is doing.
Technically Ben Player has inspired me a lot as to me Ben improved his riding later in is career. I mean when ben was 20 he was not the best of his generation and I feel that he’s been working so much to finally get to the top of his game around his 30’s, something I’m feeling today for myself.
Today when I see someone staying fit as he or she is getting older this should be an inspiration for everyone.

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