Spat: The King Vs Johnny C.

Spat: The King Vs Johnny C.

Philosophy, Physics and booging?

There’s an old philosophical story from the 3rd century BC, titled “Han Feizi.”

The story describes a bloke selling spears and shields who’s doing his best to talk up his gear. When asked about his spears, the old geezer replies that the spears could pierce any shield. He then doubles down on his marketing rhetoric by claiming that his shields could stop any spears they encounter.

At this point a smartarse in the crowd pipes up and askes the salesman what would happen in the event that one of the unstoppable spears was used against one of the undefeatable shields?

Unstoppable force, immovable object. The omnipotence paradox.

The boogieverse saw it’s own version of this philosophical conundrum on the weekend at the annual Teams challenge event at Port Macquarie.

Coming into the final day the two heavyweights of the East Coast club scene, Newcastle and Port Mac, were locked into a battle to the death for the $2000 first place prize and more importantly bragging rights over the other clubs. Their two top seeded riders, Johnny Cruikshank for Newy and Damian King for P-Mac faced off in the final heat of the day to decide who would claim the 2021 title.

As the final heat progressed an unstoppable force met an immovable object as the two riders clashed.

King v C.

We tracked down the two combatants involved in the collision for the inside scoop on what went down.

Johnny “The unstoppable force” Cruikshank: He was fired up because on the loud speaker microphone I was asked if there was anything I wanted to say to kingy before the heat?
I said “It must suck to lose in your home town” then I paddled out 300metres up the beach from him.

When the heat started he came storming up the beach to me, so I knew what was going on, I had guessed we were a couple of points infront and he probably needed to win and I needed to finish 4th, so he was going try to get an interference on me. I knew if we both got an interference then we would finish 3rd and 4th and Newy would win so the fun began! It was even sweeter when he was read out in 4th!”

Damian “The Immovable force” King:What can I say, it was pretty competitive with the Newcastle guys and other riders, but the day I’ll let Johnny muscle me out of a wave is the day I hang up the fins! But all in seriousness it was a great weekend and good competition, and nice to be back out there competing again”

So who wins in the collision between unstoppability and immovabilty?

Well: a=F/m=∞/∞

Or in this case Johnny and Fckn Newy!

Full weekend reports coming soon.

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