Behind The Lens: Sarah Cruikshank.

Behind the lens: Sarah Cruikshank.

Luke Pleydon will be sitting down to have a chat to some well known and not so well known dudes and dudettes that inhabit the boogieverse. First up the matriarch of the Newcastle bodyboarding scene, Sarah Cruikshank.

Interview by Luke Pleydon.

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Your a part of probably one of the most barreled families in Australia,how is it watching everything unfold from your perspective behind the lens?

S.C: I guess I have never really thought of our family like that before,but my boys are pretty lucky that I am able to film them Just about every session. After each session we all sit down and go through it all,they get to see where they need to fix their technique or their lines they take to complete a move. The best part for me filming is the pure stoke, especially when they do something unexpected,that they may have never even tried before.

Matt Palmer.

Who are some of the local riders who really excite you when your shooting ?

For me personally seeing good style and technique is the key. I’m pretty lucky that Newcastle has lots of good boog riders who tick these boxes.

Guys like Nemo,Jesse,haz,dal,Gmac,ducky,Lloyd and my boys of course.

Some of Sarah’s artwork.

You’re constantly grinding out epic shots/clips, any epic sessions that stick in your mind?

I’d say boxy a few weeks back,they boys were putting on a big air show.

Also back in 2019 in Sumatra with mike Stewart,Johnny,nemo and some of the VBC crew.

Hayden Cruikshank.

Any funny stories you can share?

The funniest moments I reckon are my commentary. I have been asked several times now to keep up with it 😂.Johnny has a few posted on Instagram.

Finally it must be a pretty good feeling when some of the crew get stoked when they’ve realised you’ve nailed a shot of them?

Yes it is,most of the time they will be reposted,but the ones that thank me personally,it’s pretty cool! Because you know they are really stoked,especially if it’s their wave of the day.

Dally Singer.

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