What’s the deal with the IBC ?

What’s the deal with the IBC ?

By Dan Dobbin.

Curiouser and curiouser! cried Alice.

A few days ago the best to ever do it announced that the Mike Stewart Pipeline Pro would soon fire back to life. This year’s scheduled event didn’t go ahead after the World Surf League Covid kerfuffle forced the cancellations of surfing contests in Hawaii earlier this year.

Read here: https://infoamed.com/2021/01/05/breaking-news-all-hawaiian-surf-contests-suspended-indefinitely

Mike also dropped the sweet plum that his contest would hopefully serve to crown a world champion after the spicey cough meant that the proposed IBC 2021 world tour was unable to go ahead this year.

Read here: https://infoamed.com/2021/06/03/breaking-news-world-championship-to-be-decided-at-pipeline

And now it seems that lovers of backflips performed in grovelly beach breaks and lovers of backflips performed on death slabs can rejoice with the announcement from the IBC that Portugal’s Sintra Pro and Gran Canaria’s Fronton King will probably go ahead in September and October respectively.

“Probably” because, you know, Covid…

Anywho, the other main morsal from the IBC press release is the bullishly optimistic proposed schedule for a 2022 World Tour which looks suspiciously like the 2021 proposed World Tour, but someone just whited out the “1” and made it a “2”.

Looking over the locations for the proposed 2022 tour there does appear to be plenty of scope to witness many many scores in the 6 to 8 range garnered from riders performing backflips across different locations in South America, with events in Australia, South Africa and the Canaries providing different backdrops to also witness many many backflips.

So it seems, tentatively at least, that the boogieverse is back on the cusp of seeing the return of some form of high level competition, whether it be at Sintra, Fronton or The Pipeline in the near to middling future.

Read the full IBC press release below.

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