Ripping With Age: Jeff Hubbard.

Ripping With Age: Jeff Hubbard.

As you’ve gotten older, has your mindset changed at all in terms of your own expectations of your surfing performance?

No not really, I set my standards as high for myself as I always have. I think the only limiting factor is the fact that more people are out in the line up now and will continue in the future so I realize the opportunities for some incredible rides do happen less frequently.

What about in terms of your relationship with the ocean? Is it still about finding the heaviest ripable waves or have you found that you enjoy the surf in different ways as you’ve aged?

I definitely enjoy being out there in the surf more these days and I do not take the time I get to surf for granted any longer. Maybe because I don’t get paid to surf and I end up just Bodyboarding because I love it and still like to push myself regardless of the wave size. It also keeps me happy and healthy so it’s win win to get out there.

Do you have any specific indicators that you think might tip you off in the future that you might not be physically or mentally able to take on waves heavy or challenging waves anymore?

Not at all as surfing big heavy waves is something you can do for much longer as you get older than high performance bodyboarding in small and medium size waves. As big wave riding is much more about ocean knowledge and conditioning and positioning than strength and flexibility which naturally decrease as you age.

What do you think is the single most important thing an individual can do as they get older to maintain a level of performance?

Keep bodyboarding as much as possible. It Doesn’t have to be every day but a few times a week certainly help. Yoga and staying fit and strong also help heaps.

Have you had any role models yourself that you have draw inspiration from or received wisdom from that has impacted on the way in which you’ve structured your life as you’ve aged?

I look up to my parents a lot as they are almost as active as ever. They are still doing amazing physical things in their late 70’s so I that does give me hope that I can do what I love for at least a few more decades.

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