Breaking News: World Championship To Be Decided At Pipeline.

Breaking News: World Championship To Be Decided At Pipeline.

By Dan Dobbin.

Big news from the biggest name in bodyboarding! No, not Action Bronson, Mr Michael Stewbags dropped the Pipeline sized bombshell that this years Pipeline contest will also serve as the world championship decider!

Speaking via Instagram live from El Salvador where Mike is serving as a coaching consultant for, of all things the Canadian Olympic Surfing team, Mike let slip the fact that he has provisionally secured a permit for the Pipe contest and quote ” If I have my way it will be a world championship event”.

“If I have my way”!

Of course you can have your way Mike. Who would be foolish enough to stand in the way of the most respected and beloved icon our sport has ever seen?

We here at Infoamed are in near raptures over the news having been long advocates of the ” Stu” model of crowning a WC.

( Read here

So, if you’re an aspiring whippersnapper of a World Champ or an old dog who wants one more fling at glory, your path is now set. One contest, one win, one world championship!

One can’t help salivate at the prospect of the most talented riders from around the globe and generations converging on the most high performance and famous wave in the world to battle to the death to reach the top of the bodyboarding pile.

Oh lordy it’s going to be some event!

More as the story develops….

Flick forward to around 11 minutes to hear the scoop in Unckey Mike’s own drawl.

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