Review: Moz’s Light Up The Darkness.

Review: Moz’s Light Up The Darkness.

By Nathan Lockwood.

‘May you live in interesting times’ Confucius.

Wave riding in all its form tends to be a largely apolitical arena wherein its practitioners for whatever reason appear reluctant to express their opinions on the worlds burning issues. The old mantra of leaving politics out of the lineup could be seen as a blessing in disguise and a way to defuse conflict before it has the potential to arise.

However, this status quo may soon be coming to an end. This past year has been characterized by a global pandemic on an unprecedented scale and been mired by social unrest and conflict. From Black Lives Matter to the ongoing climate emergency, to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict to name but a few the world is facing its fair share of challenges.

In the world of bodyboarding, global travel in search of waves has been heavily curtailed and replaced with local lockdowns and mandatory public health measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Against this backdrop comes ‘Light Up Into Darkness’ the latest offering from Amaury ‘Moz’ Lavernhe and Nicholas Nachaj aka Pf Bodyboarding. Running for over 9 minutes, this edit bucks the recent trend of Insta-reel friendly, instant gratification clips and offers a journey into the mind of Moz, wherein high-performance bodyboarding, moralization and political philosophy collide.

The video begins with some truly amazing shots of the Earth as seen from space interspersed with the first few lines from the Book of Genesis 1:1, and footage of Amaury scooping expertly and deftly into massive, deep-blue, Canarian slabs.
Moz then urges us to cherish every moment of freedom we have, whether it be riding waves or spending time with loved ones, as the future is unwritten. He then warns of dark forces who seek to take these from us under the guise of crisis.

What follows cements what many of us have known for years. That Amaury Lavernhe is one of the greatest bodyboarders of all time. From balls to the wall charging at huge El Fronton, expert tube riding, perfectly executed inverts, flawless air reverses, forwards and more, Moz’s bodyboarding repertoire is second to none.

Throughout the entire edit is a rallying cry to resist the global tyranny of economic elites and to question and be critical the world around us. It is refreshing to see bodyboarding addressing the social world in which we all belong.

The waves showcased in this edit are just as heavy and terrifying as the past year the world has experienced. Waves with weight, whose energy has crossed thousands of miles of ocean, exploding on to Canarian lava slabs. Yet Moz exhibits almost a level of playfulness with these behemoths, showcasing his level of understanding and skill. This is undoubtedly one of the best bodyboarding edits of the past year.

Moz’s parting message is one of hope and optimism. That even in the darkest of times there is still light within us all, that is ready to shine out.

View the whole clip here:

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