Livestreamed Competition Returns!

Livestreamed Competition Returns!

The Gold Coast Bodyboard Club recently streamed their round 3 club competition live to the world via YouTube. We caught up with club president Silas Ganciar to find out the skinny on this innovation.

Where did the inspiration to livestream the Gold Coast Bodyboard Club round come from?

It all started when Stact App developed this amazing Sports Event Management App that made it viable for any event such as the Bodyboard World Tour or a Grass Roots Club like us to livestream the event.

Anyone that has access to internet is able to watch it. So families, friends and fans can cheer for their relatives from where ever they are. Also various benefits that it brings with it which will allow our club to grow.

Grant Nutter 📷 Richard.

What equipment or tech skills were required to make it happen?

We used Stact App as an Event Management tool and live-streamed on Youtube, however it can be streamed at Stact App and Facebook as well.

All the tech skills is a credit to Nelso from who puts it all together. Equipment wise we use 4 tablets, one computer, one camera an a large data supply.

What sort of feedback from club members / viewers have you received?

The feedback was very positive from our club member and viewers, some of our grommets were watching the first heats of the day from their tv at home before arriving to the comp. Members were watching the replays of their performance right after their heat and sharing their waves to social media. Families and friends were watching their relatives from Australia, Brazil, Chile, Basque Country, Peru, Portugal.

Chace Raines 📷 GC Surf Photography (Giorgio Casalino)

Do you think that this is a viable option that other clubs could employ?

Yes, it’s viable option for any club, GCBC did a lot of planning to be able to implement this, such as getting access to self sufficient energy, applying for grants to allow us to purchase tablets, a camera and networking to find someone with the tech skills required to make this happen.

Maria Belsamão📷 Richard.

Any plans to build on the livestreaming in other ways into the future?

After the successful feedback and the vast opportunities the live-streaming have presented, we are excited to build the future of live-streaming.

We are looking at creating training materials for judging clinics, so we can use our own images to broaden scoring knowledge. We will also be using the videos for club members who can watch themselves compete to be able to better their performance.

We want to see our live stream including commentators, interviews, sponsors advertisements and viewers interactions.

I also would like to thank you to our Club sponsors without than the live stream would not be possible.

Choice Homes

Amazon Power

Inverted Bodyboarding

Hot Buttered


Reef Custom Electrical

Found Boards

Reeflex Wetsuits

Stact App

Southern Cross Credit Union

View some of the action from G.C.B.C below.

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