Robbie Berman’s Endless Offshore.

Robbie Berman’s Endless Offshore.

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What is the premise of your Endless Offshore series?

As a bodyboarder living in Cape Town, South Africa. You are lucky enough to be able to score offshore waves pretty much every single day of the year. You just have to be willing to make the trek. That’s basically what my series is about, showcasing the different waves we have on offer at the different times of the year as well as the beautiful landscapes and places you experience while travelling to these locations. 

What motivated you to make this series?

My plan for this year was to travel and give the IBC tour a full go but COVID-19 had other plans for us… So, I decided to see this year as a time to train for next year and to also experience all four seasons of South Africa. While doing this, I was keen to film and document my missions every two months for the entire year so I can track my progression, see what the best times of the months were and welcome you guys in on the mission to see what SA has to offer.

You plan to release a clip every two months, is that a difficult turnaround?

To be honest, I probably should have put a little more thought into my turn around time because 2 months to gather good footage for a new edit can be quite challenging but since I’m not chasing swells full time. However, I’m seeing it as a motivation to push myself to mission and surf even more than I already do to get enough footage for each clip. Now that we are going into winter the next few months should be a lot easier than the summer months due to all the cold fronts that should hopefully be coming through.

How much planning and preparation are you putting into each clip? Do you have an idea about what content you’d like to capture, or is it simply a matter of seeing what each month brings?

In an ideal world, I’d love to plan what waves to feature in each Episode but since we are dealing with mother nature, it’s almost impossible to predict the waves you may or may not score in the months to come. So my main plan is to really document each mission or session to the best of my ability during the two months, then assess at the end of the period and let the footage inspire the style. So some waves may be the same as the previous clip or they may be completely different waves in the next, you just going to have to watch to find out.

Are you working with specific videographers or simply gathering footage from where you can?

I’ve got my own setup which helps me gather a lot of footage and also choose the style of the videos but I’m also very lucky to have some of my best mates as videographers and photographers. These are the guys I do most of my missions with whether we are getting footage or not. So they help contribute to the majority of the footage I use. So you will see their names a lot in the credits. Sometimes, when we are not missioning, I’ll also gather footage from where I can because the more the merrier.

South Africa experienced one of the harshest Covid lockdowns in the world last year, does that make chasing swells and surfing all the more sweet now?


The hard lockdown was the longest time I’ve ever gone without being in the water and it’s something I’d be happy to never experience again. When we came out of lockdown, I was so hungry to just mission and catch all the waves I could possibly get (even on the sketchiest of chats haha). I definitely still have that feeling to this day and that worry of not knowing what might happen tomorrow makes missioning and scoring waves now all the more sweet!

View episode 1 here!

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