Cashed up, nostalgia sick and horny to be in a very exclusive club? Well you’re in luck because Michael Eppo Eppelstun is putting up for auction the first made and last remaining remake of his iconic signature model from many moons ago.

Deets from the Epps Insta play out like this:

The first 8 boards that went up for sale early this year lasted only slightly longer than a teenager getting a dry hump at the blue light disco thirty odd years ago, so if you missed out the first time around, this is your chance to get a second bite of the metaphorical cherry.

Now what’s it going to cost you?

A $400 odd board with a limited run were snapped up 1k each.

Offers of $2500 for boards already in the hands of the original 8 purchasers.

Rumours circulating of many born again VBC disciplines having 4-5 thou stashed away in preparation of the auction turning into a bidding war.

Dare we speculate high 7k’s, low 8k’s?

If you’re emotional invested in the purple pieces of petrochemicals or have not much on tomorrow you can watch all the action unfold on the Vintage Bodyboard Collectors Facey page.

We won’t be because the East Coast of Oz is currently enjoying a run of 6ft swell with offshore winds, and we’re still banned from the VBC from last year when we covered the Severson board sales and made people sad.

More as the story develops…..

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