Around The Grounds.

Around The Grounds.

We run a critical eye over the top 5 bodyboarding information and news related websites today.

After an extensive scouring of the interwebs it was difficult to actually find 5 functioning non-company website to put here. The IBC webby is still coming soon and asks you to please be patient, the APB went offline in 2020, Riptide has been in a coma since 2018…..If you know of something quality we’ve missed let us know.

No. 5 Infoamed.

Like Homer J. Simpson once said, we’re on this list because of the two greatest words in the English language; “de fault”.

We don’t know if we’re actually top 5 but it’s our list and we can’t find anyone else so we’re putting ourselves on it.

No.4 Lidlifebodyboarding.

Based in the bodyboarding land of milk and honey that is the UK, Lidlifebodyboarding has been pumping out interviews with a huge variety of riders since 2018.

If the your interested in seeing just how far the tentacles of Mr Morey’s little baby have wrapped around the world, LidLife is a good place to start. While the chats never strays far from the Origin story/ favourite wave/ what I do with my life format there is a huge variety of riders showcased from around the globe, with a pretty close to 50/50 gender split as well which is great to see.

No.3 Surfing Today.

A little like the beginner guidebook magazines you could purchase twenty odd years ago, this American based site reports play’s a straight bat and never strays far from the vanilla.

Readers can pursue articles like “Wyalup-Rocky Point: the crazy backwash wave” and “How to perform a straight leg, monk seal 360″ and rest easy knowing that what they click is what they’ll get.

No 2. Movement Magazine.

Once the most cutting edge and hip publication / website combination going, Movement was grown up and arty and made you feel proud that our little neiche pastime was represented by something so cool.

After long periods of quiet followed by bursts of content and creativity, the website went quiet three months ago. Here’s hoping that they’re restructuring or reconfiguring and will be relaunching soon.

No 1 Vert Magazine.

The real deal. This Portuguese based site pumps out regular content from both Europe and internationally.

With sections devoted to news, blog posts, photographs and video parts, Vert is the most complete bodyboarding focused website that exists in the boogieverse.

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