Down Is The New Up.

Down Is The New Up.

By Dan Dobbin.

We try hard not to be sycophantic here at Infoamed. If we’re honest we wear our slight cynicism and tinge of cuntishness with thinly veiled pride.

But by Zues’s beard how good were the high line to hard down carve reverses Mr M. Rocky Rawlins was throwing down in the highlights package from the Found boards experience at URBNSURF.

Would it be guilding the lily to say that Rawlins has innovated a turn that has never been performed before, and has no parallel in any other type of surfing?

Prove me wrong dear reader, but your author can’t recall a single other example from surfology where the rider takes the craft from strictly up on high and then drives the board through an entire 360 degree rotation whilst engaging rail the whole way.

Buttons Kaluhiokalani switch stance carves in the late 70’s? Billabong’s favourite cash cow martyr Andy Irons at the peak of his powers in the early noughties? Roach’s metal powered DK snaps to reverse spins? All powerful, full committed rail tracks, but did any bury the rail the entire way through the move and complete the gouge at the very base of the pocket through a whole rotation?

Surfing at its highest level has been often referred to as emotional or even artistic expression. The way in which Rawlins commit 100 percent to giving everything he has physically and technically through these turns is a visual representation of his mindset and philosophy when wave riding.

Fucking ” sssshaaaaaar” on the rail.

We got a little pissy last year asking whether innovative in bodyboarding had stalled after witnessing the the ramps on offer at the BSR pool in Texas be exploited for mostly standard fare in the air, but perhaps we were simply looking in wrong direction.

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How great would it be to see a renewed interest amoungst up and coming riders in getting the absolute maximum out of their rails and expanding upon the wave face innovation that Rawlins has shown is possible.

Down might possibly be the new up?

Watch the full Found boards experience clip here:

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