The Bodyboard Depot X Mossy Earth collaboration.

The Bodyboard Depot X Mossy Earth collaboration.

You recently dropped a short clip about the Bodyboarding Depot’s association with Mossy Earth, can you tell us a little about the organisation and it’s actions? How did the association come about?

I met Matt Davies on a Bodyboard Holidays Coaching trip to Portugal. Matt was helping run the Bodyboard coaching week along side Rob Barber. Matt had mentioned on the coaching holiday that he was setting up a company called Mossy Earth and would I like to be involved from the start.

Duarte de Zoeten and Matt “Mave” Davies (Bodyboard-depot Team Rider) Co Founders of Mossy Earth.

What attracted you to what Mossy Earth are doing?

I had been wanting to do something to restore nature and help with Climate change for a while and Mossy Earths rewilding projects and planting native trees to help with carbon offsetting seemed a fantastic option.

Why is it important for ocean users like bodyboarders to care about is happening in the Carpathian mountains in Central Europe?

Romania’s Carpathian Mountains are home to some of Europe’s last remaining truly wild forests and the largest population of bears, wolves and lynx. Sadly, this ecosystem hangs in the balance due to years of illegal logging. There goal is to restore the barren clear cuts that threaten these forests. In partnership with Foundation Conservation Carpathia They are working to restore clear cuts in the Romania’s Southern Carpathian Mountains.

Do you have any further projects with Mossy Earth or other environmental organisations in the pipeline?

We will have an ongoing partnership with Mossy Earth because for every order placed on the Bodyboard-depot website we will plant a native tree with Mossy Earth.

If bodyboarders out there are looking to be involved in Mossy Earth how can they get in contact with them?

They can get a membership with Mossy Earth by clicking this link

In your opinion, are there any steps Bodyboard, Wetsuit and Fin manufacturers can take to have less of an environmental impact when producing their products?

It would be amazing if we didn’t have to rely on the Far East to produce most of the Bodyboarding equipment currently available. The UK was once a manufacturing market leader and it would be great if Bodyboards, Fins and leashes could be made on our home soil. This will again reduce our carbon footprint on the planet at the same time.

What advice would you give a bodyboarder looking to make environmentally responsible choices with their purchases?

I’d say “DO NOT BUY” the single use EPS Core bodyboards. Look for companies that use recycled plastics in the manufacture of their bodyboards, Wetsuits and fins.

Pride Bodyboards are in my mind the market leaders in doing this.

View the Bodyboard Depot X Mossy Earth clip below.

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