Good Gravy?

Good Gravy?

By Dan Dobbin.

Just when you thought that you didn’t need any more proof that bodyboarding is on trend in the wider surfing world comes further proof that bodyboarding is on trend in the wider surfing world.

Ben Gravy is a thirty something year old reformed Alcoholic YouTube Vlogger who’s continuous uploads to the video sharing service have helped him garner 135,000 subscribers, from which he earns an estimated 78.6k a year.

Ben Gravy not bodyboarding.

Gravy built his reputation as an almost peerlessly popular surf Vlog on the strength of his daily posting, endlessly effervescence personality, and purchant for riding novelty waves on various types of softtop craft.

Ben has surfed waves in all 50 of the United States’s states including river waves in Colorado, lakes swells in Michigan, oil tanker wakes in Texas, a tidal bore in Alaska and has over 1593 videos available to view.

Interestingly, for a man with a new bodyboard signature model, at no point in any of these 1593 videos from so many varied locations is there any footage of Ben actually bodyboarding.

Ben pictured sitting while not bodyboarding.

In fact when asked by the original king of radio host presenter schlick Jay Reale to describe his bodyboarding skills in an Ebodyboarding IGTV Clip announcing the stocking of the Gravy signature boards at the store, Ben’s response was thus:

” I usually end up throwing down the flying gull? I believe it’s called, where you drop down with one arm and then side out. I enjoy riding the 45′ I do that stand up. I can do a few 360’s, but I’m no Kalani Robb. It’s all about the fun for me!

Jay, Ben and Vicki discussing Ben not bodyboarding.

Perhaps dubious grounds from which to justify handing a man who, by his own admission struggles to bodyboard and, let’s be honest, probably has no interest in doing so, a bodyboard model?

Ben’s signature board is an EPS cored, HPDE slicked mass produced design which according manufacturer Wave Bandits website is :


The time Ben “Almost died!” while not bodyboarding.

While you’re on the Wave Gravy, err sorry, Wave Bandits website you may also like to purchase some Ben Gravy Semi-pro surf wax, Ben Gravy pineapple changing towel, or Ben Gravy short sleaved “Fully Nuking” tie dyed pineapple t-shirt. Ben Gravy.

Go to www.ebodyboarding or now to purchase yours before they all end up as non biodegradable landfill at a garbage tip near you!

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