Quick Chats: Brenton Hare Artwork.

Brenton Hare Artwork.

First things first, introduce the boogieverse to Brenton Hare?

Im a Proud Ngarrindjeri man born in South Australia then moving to QLD when I was quite young. Currently living in the UK with my Partner and 2 Kids. Moved here about 8 months ago moving from the Gold Coast. Im also a Chef by trade and also the owner of a Tattoo Aftercare Company Called ‘Numb Skulled”. I seem to keep myself quite busy.

Where and when did you first fall in love with bodyboarding?

When I was about 13 or so I would say .. maybe earlier .. I use to live in north Brisbane and me and friends would head up the sunshine coast as much as we could with different parents driving us up there each time.. when we got old enough to drive then we were up there all the time, whenever we had the chance. It was about a 45min drive to get to the closest beach, I can even remember getting surfs in before school and getting back in time.. ah to have that energy again. Also remember leaving at 3am most mornings we would surf. We all loved it so much!

Can you expand on the role that bodyboarding has had in your life as you travelled and moved around the world?

I ended up moving up the sunshine coast when I was about 18 years old to start a chef apprenticeship and really got into booging there for a while before late starts as a chef. Then getting busier and busier with life it kind of fell into the back burner and I found myself wake skating , stand up surfing and also snow boarding in NZ there for a couple of seasons.

I recently stand up surfed the wave Bristol on a intermediate session and knew that if I surfed the expert session on a bodyboard I would have so much fun on it. So after 16 years I’m making a comeback on April 1st to surf expert wave at the wave garden cove tech at The wave Bristol. Its a 2.5 hour drive from where im from but im willing to get that feeling back at any price. I hope its like riding a bike.

What was the inspiration behind creating the artwork that you now have on your new Found board?

Don’t get me wrong the board from Found look amazing as it is but I just like to paint everything and anything I can at the moment and thought why not this. I have only been doing Aboriginal Art for one year now and I have rediscovered my love for it in the way I have when I was a lot younger.

I had a vision in my head for the board and turned out way better then what I thought. I actually trained at the same boxing gym with Mitch from Found on the gold coast a while back and that’s how I came about his boards. I can’t wait to ride it!

Brenno hits the pool.

Can you talk us through the actual process of creating and applying the artwork to the board?

So this was my first time painting on a bodyboard and I’m hoping it holds up in the water. It’s going to be some trial and error I would say on this one, but I was happy how the paint took to the board but there is a little bit of prep involved that I will be happy to share for other to try and get inspired by I hope.

Step 1. Tape up the edges and areas I didn’t want paint to get on. I used Frog tape.

Step 2. Clean the surface im wanting to paint with Acetone to make sure its clean and get rids of anything on it.

Step 3. Lighty Sand the area where I will be painting so the paint sticks to it better.

Step 4. Give a base coat (spray paint) I used Black Molotow ONE4ALL acrylic spray paint. Let Dry (at least 2 hours).

Step 5. Time to add the art work , whatever style it may be .. Using a good quality acrylic paints / paint pens/markers (paint needs to be thin that’s why paint pens are great) I like to use Molotow paint pens and Iron Lak paint pens/markers. I don’t personally use posca but they will work well also.

Step 6. Once the artwork is complete and dry (at least 24 hours) its time to add a clear Coat. I used molotow ONE4ALL Clear Coat Matt. I did this 3 times over the artwork letting each coat dry and changing spray directions each application.

Step 7. Remove tape and sit back and critique your work like I do hahah .. Ready to go.

Watch the full process here:


Is there a message or story embedded in the artwork?

Yes, this one I did was about Country and the connection the Aboriginal people have to the land. It represents the connection from the Sun (the creator of life) the soil and ground , plants and ocean all working together as one .

Have you created artwork on any other unique objects or pieces?

I love painting shoes and have just completed a surfboard also. But mainly canvas’s at this stage.

Are you available to create pieces for customers, where can people view your work ,and how can they contact you?

Yes for sure if they were keen for something . My partner is also an artist and she can paint some really nice realistic stuff or any other type of reference or idea or can do a collab if anyone was wanting something like that. That would be fun. People can hit us up on our Instagram which is @brennohare_aboriginal_art

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