Behind The Scenes Of The WSL 2022 Bodyboarding Tour Take Over.

Behind The Scenes Of The WSL 2022 Bodyboarding Tour Take Over.

By Dan Dobbin.

Hot on the heels of the great surf media lidding love in comes the paradigm changing news that the World Surf League will piggy back a World Bodyboarding Tour in 2022.

So Wait? What? How? Who? Where? What again?

As per the original press release:

The World Surf League, in conjunction with Rip Curl International, are proud to announce that they will work collaboratively with the resurrected Association Of Professional Bodyboarding to promote and stage a series of global events to crown a world bodyboarding champion in 2022.

The events will run in line with selected world surfing tour events in waves best suited to bodyboarders including as Pipeline, Snapper Rocks, Teahupoʻo, Fiji and the Surf Ranch.

With the Bodyboarding World Tour to run alongside other WSL tours such as the Big Wave tour and World Longboarding tour, the WSL takes another step closer to achieving it’s goal of gaining hegemony over global surfing culture!

What role will the “acquired” APB play in helping to run the tour?

Why would the WSL’s swoop now?

What does this mean for the IBC?

Should we be McLovin it or McFarkin hatin’ it?

What’s going on?

We’ll you’re intrepid journalists went McDiggity diggin.

First port of call on our voyage of discovery was with former acting president of the APB non-profit Josh Kirkman. We say “former” because as we learnt Josh is no longer “El Presidente”.

“Yer, I got rolled. Classic backroom coup. Bunch of the old guard got the numbers and ran as an international syndicate. Hawkey (Ross not Bob R.I.P) here in Oz, Marcello Pedro from Brazil, Seamus Mercado in Hawaii, and the ghost who walks Chad Barba for the U.S. promising they had something big in the works. I thought they were full of shit. Turns out they weren’t!”

El Presidente back on the tools after the coup.

So we hit the phones, internets, socials, bush wireless’s and pony express’s to see who could give us the skinny on the new venture.

Hawkey was M.I.A., Seamus just yelled down the line that he couldn’t hear us because of all of the Sandy’s sand that had been deposited in his ears over the years. Marcello tried to fill us in but we don’t speak Portuguese so 🤷‍♂️.

That left Barba. After leaving our number on his pager, he gave us a call back from a pay phone.

Infoamed: “Chad, how exciting is this WSL tour news!”

Barba: ” Yep”

It must have taken lot’s of negotiation and backroom wrangling to get the suits from surfing on board to run a bodyboarding tour?”


Coins being deposited.

Any official confirmation of which events will definitely run next year?”


Any other information you can the legion of bodyboarders psyched on this?”

“Not really”.

At this point we assume Barba ran out of coins because the line went dead.

The new WSL Bodyboarding Tour media officer Chad Barba.

So not really any McNuggets of information from the new APB board.

Fear not though loyal reader, your humble servant had loaded up the family under the pretence of an Easter family holiday and is at this moment northward bound to the WSL Newcastle Pro to rattle some cages and shake some tree’s for the McLowdown on next year’s tour.

More to come….

Coming in hot Newy.

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