Shayden Schrader’s Mixtape.

Shayden Schrader’s Mixtape.

You’ve just dropped your 2020 mixtape edit, talk us through the process of putting the clip together?

I usually edit my own clips but this time I was lucky enough to have Todd Barnes edit my clip for Science so he did all the work I just sent him the footage!

The aim was just to dump all the footage I saved up through out the year but ended up using abit of footage on instagram prior to the clip so it only ended up being about 6 sessions in the clip.

How difficult was gathering footage in the era of Covid travel restrictions?

Gathering footage wasn’t too bad actually, I had my missus filming me on one of my best mates kurt gillan’s camera which he was kind enough to lend too us for a few months, other then that I had kurt filming me when he could, linked up with Todd and Malachi in south coast and they were both super cool and easy to deal with to get footage off. I linked up with mate Samuel Rutherford a few times last year which was good he’s filming is always quality so it’s always good being in the water knowing your footage is going to be good. Other than those guys I got a couple little clips off Anthony and Alex to throw in it too, obviously didn’t get all the sessions on footage that I would have liked but it ended up being pretty cool in the end!

Where is your dream location you’d like hit for waves if / when international travel becomes a reality once again?

I would love to go to Mexico or Portugal at some point, I also want to get back to South America and surf Arica again. But also a free surf trip to somewhere with a mellow crowd and fun waves haha. Just want to surf everywhere really.

You’re one of the most talented younger riders in Australia, however with no Aussie tour or World tour is it difficult to envision making any sort of career out of bodyboarding?

It’s definitely difficult to envision a career out of it but to be honest I never really had a goal to make a career out of it, I always just wanted to go compete on tour and just travel like a “pro surfer”. To just have someone say they want you too go surf here or go compete here and support your way over there would be sick then if I go any good in the comps prize money would just be a bonus then if just make a living in between the travel haha.


What are your feelings on the growing prevelace of wave pools. Amazing training opportunity or gimmicky fad?

I think they’re pretty sick, I’m yet to go to one yet but I think that one in Texas looks like the best wave to tune all your moves on, imagine being able to just do something over and over countless times knowing the next wave is going to do the same thing you’d be able to progress so much.

Outside of the ocean, what keeps you busy?

Ahh I’m pretty into health and fitness so I head to the gym abit and do a few other things but other then that just work really or take my dogs to the beach.

Any shout outs, thanks you’s or additional comments feel free to add them here.

Cheers to Todd for editing the clip! All filmers involved and my sponsors for the support! Yeww.

Watch the clip below in IGTV.

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