Quick Chats: The Culture Industry.

Quick Chats: The Culture Industry.

Firstly, Introduce yourselves, who are the members of “The Culture Industry”?

Gnarly is the frontman, Arian is the guitarist, Nagy bassist and Leemoss is the drums.

Where are you based and how long have you been making tunes together?

Wollongong based. Been making tunes since 2014 few different line up changes since then but everyone in the band are all good mates first and was a 3 piece until Covid then we became a 4 piece but the line up at the moment seems to have found itself. We’ve all played in previous bands together and are all mates so the chemistry is easy.

How would you describe the band’s musical style and influences?

It ranges from 90s punk, alternative music to 80s punk 90s grunge – Arian loves his prog metal, also reggae but what comes out is grunge punk, but generally it’s everything we grew up listening to, a lot of my musical influences comes from surf/booger vids as a grom! Had no idea subconsciously how much those tunes behind the waves effected me.

Punk tunes and the surf scene have seemed to be inextricably linked since Taylor Steele first slapped the likes of Pennywise, Lagwagon and Bad Religion on his early films, do you think this is still the case?

I think this has been lost a lot. Back then there seemed to be a relationship between surf film makers and using up and coming bands a time where punk and surfing was exploding. Today Social media platforms have now made surf film access more then ever but the music behind it is lacking / even a lot of the new surf films have old music to it or electronic music, there have been some surf flicks that do show the odd underground band but there needs to be more of this relationship again.

The Riders Of Tubes films, Underground Tapes/Rush films and the momentum films you mentioned all led the example.

The culture of punk surf and skate was so tight back then these days hip hop and dance and everything else has accompanied surf and skate flicks. It would be good to see full videos like the recent drag one rip3 with underground bands who need the exposure because it’s tough out there as an Aussie muso let alone an Aussie punk.

How would you describe the underground Australian music scene at the moment?

It’s pumping! Like so many bands popping out, so many bands from the gong, good to see young bands coming out too – the live scene is definitely way better then where we were 10 years ago!

Social media has allowed bands to reach their audiences easier then ever however with that no filter comes the over saturated scene but some awesome bands we love are COFFIN, Sketch Method, Frenzal Rhomb, The Hard Ons from the gong our good mates Sloshpit, Rukus, Topnovil and UTI – we really look up to those bands who have stayed around despite popularity dropping!

Your new single is called “The DK stance” featuring lyrics running through insulting names for boogers, names of moves, old surf brands and surf lingo for getting a flogging, what was the inspiration for the song?

I think I was telling Nagy about boogering back when I was a grommy cause these hand plains have become recently popular – I reminded him of the days of surfing maccas trays when we couldn’t go home to grab our boards and we were at the beach cause we lived in the suburbs – getting called names on the traino esky lids. These were insults coming from normal people not even surfers!

I copped it as a westy booger and had to earn respect the old school way by charging and taking the crap ones.

The references to Shiiiite surf brands was what you got from your parents who knew nothing about surfing but thought they were buying you something cool with piping hot on it or hang ten at Chrissy time only to get a copping down the beach for it – and all those terms in the chorus is everything we say – it’s our language!

We also wanted to have a slight dig at the surf rock scene and how convoluted it can all become, with the style of the music in this one!

The song almost feels in a way like a time capsule snap shot of the mid 90’s Australian surf experience; the language, the brands mentioned. Thoughts?

I don’t think we’ve stepped out of it! I think we live in a bubble that surrounds ourselves with 90s influences I still watch old big day outs and classic no friends vids.

I’m kind of in love with that time as we know it was the golden era for punk music and bodyboarding!

Apart from Blisters derogatory ” Boogie board rider” is this the only Bodyboard inspired song you know of?

We know of Scab baby’s Dickdgagger but yeah not a common theme, I’m sure there’s a lot in the surf rock world

Scoring waves while touring. Possible?

I haven’t done it yet but now that Arian has joined the band and there’s two surfers in the band we might be able to take the boards, like we toured Java a few years ago and I was devastated I couldn’t take my board but manager said way too hard sometimes you just gotta choose your fav passion lol

Where can people access your music?

YouTube Spotify iTunes  band camp etc – all streaming platforms so take your pick – we will have a music clip for The DK Stance out in a few days too!

Any other thoughts, thank you’s or shout outs feel free to add here!

Thanks heaps to Jay from The Pet Food Factory and Clem and Daniel – all the bands we’ve played alongside anyone who comes to our shows buys our merch listens to our music, to all the fans of Australian music keep supporting it you’ll get better music and the clip for this track will be out in a few days!!

Check the boys clip below featuring ‘Nulla DK stance ripper Azza Glossop.


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