Inspired Bodyboarding Clothing.

Inspired Bodyboarding Clothing.

Can we begin by getting an insight into who is behind Inspired Bodyboarding Co?

My name is Kyle Drury I am 33 years old, Central Coast born and raised. I grew up in what most people consider the golden era of bodyboarding. The days when big brands were supporting and backing the bodyboarding scene in Australia. The Tension era when the life of a professional bodyboarder seemed glamorous and thrilling. Local beaches were packed with young groms like myself who all dreamed of getting onto the world tour or just getting one image in the latest issue of Riptide mag.

I’ve been a bodyboarding based content creator for the past 18 months, I create bi monthly edits of sessions from around NSW with a small crew of mates who contribute what they can. From this I have grown a reasonably large following on my personal page @kyleinspired. This has inspired me to try and give something back to the community and to do what I can to help push the industry in the right direction.

Braiden Maguire modelling some gear.

What was the motivation to start the brand?

2020 was a tough year for everyone with everything going on in the world but I feel as though bodyboarding as a whole is returning to a golden era we haven’t seen since the late 90s early 2000s. Interest in bodyboarding, in Australia at least is at a level we haven’t seen in a long time. I’ve noticed a lot of the older generations are getting back into the sport and I feel as though media coverage is definitely at a level we haven’t seen in years.

I decided I wanted to try and do my part to do everything I can to bring the sport back to its former glory. I want to try and give the younger generations the same Inspiration and stoke that many of us felt growing up in that golden era.

Bodyboarding is something we all love doing, I speak to locals every day and it’s amazing to see the passion and positive energy that people have towards the sport. My goal is to help bring the bodyboarding culture and spirit back to life by offering a fresh new take on how a surf brand can operate.

It’s important that we support the brands that support both bodyboarding and local talent. I feel that we need to refresh the Australian bodyboarding scene and offer authentic grassroots opportunities for younger, future generations by making competitions more accessible and recognized on social media.

Our goal is to offer affordable clothing and to build a social media presence as a brand that cares and understands how important it is to invest time and money into local clubs and the national bodyboarding community.

Since the heyday of bodyboarding clothing brands sprouting like mushrooms in the early noughties, only Unite and Grand Flavour have managed to survive.

Lucas Magony. Team rider.

What do you think Inspired has to do in order to become a successful brand?

In order for Inspired to succeed we need to offer a fresh take on what a surf brand can be. We need to show people that a sense of community and local pride is important. By offering fair priced merchandise and a commitment to investing in the future of the sport, Inspired can do big things.

Ultimately we need to get our products out to the masses and to help build the stoke and excitement around the brand and the sport in general. Community growth, quality product, committed brand ambassadors and a strong social media presence are key to making Inspired a successful brand.

Why should people rally around and support bodyboarding owned brands?

When you are making a purchasing decision, whether that be articles of clothing, boards or wetsuits you need to look at the companies behind the merchandise and see if their way of operating is in the best interest of the sport.

Bodyboarders in general are humble people who want to do what is best for the industry. Most bodyboarding brands around today like Grand Flavour, Inverted and Unite are all staffed by dedicated bodyboarders who share the same passion and desire to grow the industry by investing in the future of the sport. These brands sponsor local events, give talented riders the ability to make a career out of the sport and are one of the main reasons that the bodyboarding industry hasn’t completely died out.

One of the biggest things the consumer can do is to invest and put money back into their industry. It’s all about coming together and supporting brands that support bodyboarding.

Inspired CEO Kyle Drury pitted.

Explain the decision to donate a portion of the labels sales to grassroots Australian bodyboard clubs?

To me this is a no brainer. It’s all about doing my part to help these clubs grow. The competition scene in Australia hasn’t been great the past few years, lack of sponsorship and lack of organisation has been a big issue for Australian bodyboarding competitions in general. While I know that I am only offering a small part of what needs to be done, it’s about everyone doing their part and investing in future generations.

My local club NCCB (North Central Coast Bodyboarders) has done incredible things this year so far by resurrecting the club. NCCB is seeing record numbers of memberships and offers multiple divisions to cater to everyone’s needs. NCCB is doing what all clubs in Australia need to do which is grow strong tight knit bodyboarding based communities.

The first comp day just last week saw incredible waves and a huge turnout. Packed beaches with talented riders and just a great vibe is super important to get younger generations pumped and develop their interest towards the sport. Local clubs need all the support they can get not just financially but through a strong social media presence.

The NCCB set up Supported by Inspired.

Who have you got repping the brand at the moment?

At the moment we have a small team of 4 riders, 2 of which have been announced Lucas Magony and Braden Maguire are both very talented local riders. We will be announcing the rest of the team over the coming weeks.

We have been sent an overwhelming response of local and international talent these past few weeks so we are still searching for the right people who have the skills and passion to ride for us.

Braiden Maguire.

What can we expect from Inspired moving forward?

The brand is still in its early days but we have big plans for the future. Short term we are looking to expand our clothing range and to imprint ourselves in the local community showing that we are a company that cares and is invested in the future of bodyboadring.

We are building a solid team of riders who share the same passion and commitment to helping the sport grow. Our riders aren’t just in it for the gear and financial support they are ambassadors for the brand and sport who share a common goal.

Big picture we need big companies to supply our products, I have a number of international bodyboarders messaging me trying to get our merchandise, at the moment we only ship within Australia but we are looking for viable ways to get our product world-wide. Big things are happening over the next few months.

We are excited to broaden our range and cater to a greater audience in Australia and around the globe.

Any other thank you’s or shout outs feel free to add them here!

I would like to give a massive shout out to all our followers and supporters on Instagram and to our customers buying our merchandise. We are receiving amazing feedback and responses from all over the globe.

Thank you to the Inspired Team who are doing great things to promote the brand and thank you to the dedicated members of my local club NCCB for working so hard this year to bring life back into bodyboarding in NSW.

Cheers to the guys at Infoamed magazine for giving me a chance to get my brand and message out to the masses. I hope I can inspire people to do their part and to reflect on what bodyboarding as a whole has done for our lives.

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