How Core Are You?

How core are you?

1 point for each time you answer in the affirmative.

You own a pirated copy of “Stewarts View”.

You’ve booked to surf at the Found boards URBNsurf experience.

You own an NMD Wi-Fly  (Bonus point if it has a GoPro mount).

You’re a member of more than 5 Facebook bodyboarding groups.

You have a Drag board co. soft top for those “fun days”.

You’ve direct message a pro to compliment them on their surfing. (Bonus point if they replied).

You own dolphin tail shaped Redleys and tell everyone about their superior rubber.

You have a pet named after a Pro. (Bonus 5 points if your pet is your kid).

You’ve sold a board because it “doesn’t suite my riding style” within the last six months.

You have participated in medical trials to extend your European surf adventure or pay for your ticket to Hawaii.

You and a few mates started a “clothing company” together in the early noughties that in reality was just a few screen printed shirts from Kmart. ( Bonus point if it was called No something or featured a 🚫 logo.

You colour match your deck and slick colour with your plug colours.

You own a board bag. (Bonus point if you actually take your boards to the beach in it).

You travel to Indonesia ( or Mexico or whatever the European equivalent is) once a year and are on first name basis with the operator of the 3 star camp you stay at.

You’ve told grommets that X used to be better back in the day because the dune stabilisation / Urban development/ breakwall repairs have stopped ” proper” sand movement.

You still have an old magazine stash and VHS collection that you haven’t looked at in 10 years but can’t throw out.

You know someone who scored a wave in one of Chris White’s ‘Tension” videos.

You once has a entry level sponsorship with a company, and remain loyal to their brand to this day.

You bought a copy of Stewart’s film ” Fire” even though it was a shit movie, because hey, it’s footage of Mike. ( How good was the bodysurfing footage on the bonus disc!)

You know how to tie the quick release bow on your shoe lace fin savers.

You have put your own stringer in a board using a heated up golf club shaft.

You’re in the Vintage Bodyboard Collectors group. ( Bonus point if you post in it regularly).

You have the ” Inverted” logo tattooed on your leg. ( Bonus point if you also have a southern cross tattooed near it).

You’ve ever had your friends film you doing a drop roll.

You talk loudly to others at your home break to prove that you’re a local.

Tally your score out of 25 and compare with you’re friends to find out who’s the biggest boogie fiend!

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