The Ten Instagram Commandments.

The Ten Instagram Commandments.

By Jack Dobinson.

We are all sinners in one way or another. But how many bodyboarding related social media blunders have you committed lately?

You shall have no other god than Ryan Hardy.

Thou shall not make any current pro rider an idol, as they are probably struggling harder at life than yourself.

You shall not misuse the inbox of people you don’t know asking them to “Where is this wave?

Thou shall NEVER same day post.

Thou shall NEVER, EVER, under any circumstances same day post.

Thou shall not ask “today?” In the comments of a photo when said wave features an Australian rider in Tahiti in the middle of a pandemic.

Thou shall not add a filmer or photographer the minute you exit a surf in the hope that they were actually there to film you.

Thou shall not post any bodyboarding related fitness content.

Thou shall not continuously ‘reheat’ old images to stay in the limelight.

Thou shall not be envious of your neighbours waves and crowd them out with a car load of your friends on the weekends.

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