Pool Parties Popping.

Pool Parties Popping.

By Dan Dobbin.

Ever pissed in the pool?

With my hand on my heart I can say I’ve never partaken in a lazy squirt. Too traumatized by childhood stories of wee wee detecting blue dye in the water to risk it. The way the world’s moving though it might be something I can tick of my bucket list, because it seems the only surf trip worth taking at the moment is inland to a chlorine filled wave pool.

I wonder who’ll be the first to launch an aquanard into one of the new wavepool interations that are on the way to becoming more norm than exception.


Maybe this can be Infoamed’s follow up to our “Double Bubble” contest. First documented pool born and borne bum slug wins a fiddy dollar bill in the ” Drop a Floater” challenge.

Someone with have to crack this world first soon because surf “trips” to wave pools seem to be becoming the de rigueur event in the boogieverse.

Just this weekend past luminaries from bodyboarding’s golden age like Chopper Riley, Kingy, Nugget Purcell, Alex Leon, Andy Lester and Todd De Graff and many others hit URBNSURF for a night/ day strike mission which looked to involve plenty of both chlorinated and fermented liquid.

When asked about how the experience stacked up against other globe trotting adventures he’d experience, Kingy claims it to have been “Probably the biggest buzz, but the crew made it as well, such an all star cast!”

Over in the good old U.S of aye’ Rapper, Foodie, Talk Show presenter and probably bodyboarding’s most famous advocate Action Bronson is hosting an exclusive session of wave riding, bagel eating and gift bags recieving at the Skudin Surf pool in Brooklyn NY this Friday, 12th March.

The fact that the $500 USD 2 hour session sold out it under 10 minutes is either a testament to Bronson’s star power, or the popularity of bagels in the New York state area, we can’t be sure which.

Clearly we can’t sign off on wave pool trips without mentioning Found boards upcoming “Found Future Waves Event” happening on the 20th of March.

Monsieur’s Rawlins, Kirkman, Stone and Ward will run shoulders with 51 members of the unwashed masses while master lensmen Todd Barnes and Phil Gallagher document the difference in ability between mere mortals and the elite.

So it seems that the midnight run up the coast, or the annual 2 weeks in Indo may well be on the way to being superseded by a trip to a tub as the current go to experience for the frothing everyman booger.

Guaranteed waves, a controlled environment, only your crew, beers and food at your fingertips. Everything the time poor, economically comfortable middle aged booglet would want.





Kinda lame?

What’s your hot take on tublyfe general populus?

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